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Apple Refuses to Open Dead Mother’s iPad

Grieving sonA grieving son has accused Apple of having an ‘utter lack of understanding and discretion’ after the company refused to unlock his dead mother’s iPad – and asked for written permission from her.

Josh Grant, 26, from London, became the co-executor of his mother Anthea Grant’s will and estate with his brother Patrick when she passed away from breast cancer, aged 59, earlier this year.

He said his mother enjoyed playing games on the iPad after her husband died in 2010 and said she liked its raft of new security measures since updating to iOS7.

However, when the brothers contacted Apple following their mother’s death on January 19, they were told they would need ‘written permission’ from their mother to access the account.

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Feb. 23, 2013: iPad Goes to School & Looking for a Job on LinkedIn

Kids and iPad

Show Notes:

Royal Oak Grade School Embraces iPad:

Gary van Staveren, Principal, Oakland Grade School, Candi Drouillard, Oakland PTA President, and Ryan Velzy, Technology Director, Field Services, Oakland Schools discuss the decision to bring iPads into every classroom in Royal Oak, MI K-5  Oakland Grade School.

 Using LinkedIn for Business Networking :

Gary HeitmanGary Heitman, Vice President, Business Development at Wolverine Technical Staffing talks about finding a job,  good employees, customers and partners with with LinkedIn with Mike Brennan:

Mike Brennan

Our new weekly report on the latest headlines about technology and entrepreneurs in Michigan with seasoned reporter Mike Brennan.



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iPad Favorite Shopping Cart Online

Online sales went crazy this year and don’t look to let up any time soon.  One of the huge changes this year is the number of people using mobile platforms to do their shopping…and the Apple iPad is the most used shopping vehicle on the Web.

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iPad is Shaking Up the Entire Computer Market

Steve Jobs was famous for declaring his products game changers.  Looks like even the former Apple CEO may not have even imagined the kind of revolution his tablet would create.  This little beauty is turning the whole IT industry upside down and transforming a niche market into the next big thing in computing.

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Google Releases "Honecomb" OS

Wed., Feb 2, Google launched its eagerly awaited Android 3.0 operating system, nicknamed Honeycomb.  This sweet new system has been optimized  to work on the landslide of new tablets like the Motorola Xoom that debuted at CES in January and now are slowly starting to roll out.  The comparisons with Apple’s iOS mobile operating system are inevitable but Google is also desperate to have this operating system, tailored specifically for tablets, to terminate the iPad lead in the niche.

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"The Daily" for iPad launched

Can this collaborative effort between Newsday and Apple keep newspapers relevant vs. online instant news?  Would you subscribe to The Daily or just use free news feeds?

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Podcast: January 29, 2011

Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun and Erik Anderson
Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun and Erik Anderson

You read that correctly, we are on for a full THREE hours this Saturday, Jan. 29.

Our first hour features reporting directly from MacWorld Expo in San Franciso with Laura Phillips, Media Director for Handeholder, the Michigan-made iPad/tablet holder that is so successful.  Mac Expert Cal Carson and Erik Anderson, host of The Mac Minute , rounds out the hour talking about up-coming Apple products and the impact that Apple is having on the PC’s that most of you use.

Best News: TWO HOURS of computer troubleshooting with Ed Rudel and Cal Carson to help you find answers to your digital dilemmas.

Podcast: January 29, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: January 29, 2011 – Hour 2
Podcast: January 29, 2011 – Hour 3

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Podcast: January 8, 2011

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson and Foster Braun return as we get an insider’s view of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas from Mike Burns the inventor of the Michigan made “Handeholder”.  Mike’s device has become enormously popular because it allows you to handle the iPad or any other tablet device easily from just about any angle. The guys also talk with Rob David, Executive Producer of The Handyman Show with Glenn Haege regarding CES. Rob had just returned from Las Vegas to give us his take on the event.  Look for the return of Erik Anderson’s Mac Minute as Apple prepares to spoil the party for the competition with their upcoming announcements. We also be taking your phone calls in our second hour to answer your computer questions.

Podcast: January 8, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: January 8, 2011 – Hour 2
Link: The Mac Minute

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IA Tech Roundtable #10 1/3/11

2011 Predictions

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun

Click here to listen or download IA Tech Roundtable 10 (30 min.)

Top ten gadget predictions for 2011

What won’t happen in 2011

IPTV become mainstream

Expect Malware and Spyware to target Tablet devices

11 predictions for 2011 Chris Obrian of the Mercury News

Big Tech Predictions for 2011 (PC Mag)

Twitter Predicts

Slash Gear Top Predictions for 2011


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Skype Adds Video Chat to iPhones!

Holy Bandwidth, Batman, if you thought network congestion was bad on AT&T before, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”!  With just one day left before the new year, Skype releases an upgrade that allows its iPhone/iPad app to do video calls.  You will NOT need Apple’s FaceTime function to make this work; any old 3G network will do.  So if you have a device with a front facing camera and the new Skype app, you are good to go anywhere you can get a network connection, like to your buddy at home on his computer.

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