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iPad Favorite Shopping Cart Online

Online sales went crazy this year and don’t look to let up any time soon.  One of the huge changes this year is the number of people using mobile platforms to do their shopping…and the Apple iPad is the most used shopping vehicle on the Web.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Remember that smug add from Verizon about their cell phone coverage?  Believe it or not, the whole idea of taking your phone with you wherever you went began 20 years ago!  Unless  you were a Kangaroo, you weren’t going to tuck any of the originals into your back pocket or purse.

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Cyber Monday Cheapskate Deals

Don’t miss Rick Broida’s list of some incredible deals for Cyber Monday and beyond.

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Zut alors! Did U.S. Attack France?

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Happy Holidays: Spending to top $43 Billion

Online retailers will have good reason to make merry this holiday season.

People shopping via the Internet will spend to the tune of $43.4 billion during November and December, according to a report out today from ComScore.

That figure is a 17 percent gain over last year’s online holiday spending, which itself rose 15 percent over 2010’s number. It’s also way ahead of the retail industry’s expectation of just a 4.1 percent rise in overall consumer spending this season.

“The strength leading up to and during the holiday season-to-date, in addition to a maximum 32 shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, provide the basis for what we view as a fairly optimistic outlook for the 2012 online holiday shopping season,” ComScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni said in a statement. “This would put an exclamation point on what has already been a strong year for retail e-commerce.”

Online spending for the first 18 days of the holiday season has already reached 10.1 billion, a 16 percent jump from the same period last year. The cheeriest day so far for online retailers was November 8, when consumers spent $829 million.

“Recent five-year highs in consumer confidence and early retailer promotions appear to …

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Podcast Nov. 24, 2012: Cloudy with a chance of Touch


Show Notes:

Holiday Roundtable Discussion:

  • Cal’s Black Friday Misadventure.
  • Buying a new computer or laptop: Not all tablets are created equal
  • Cloudy with a chance of storms: How much can we depend on the “Cloud”?
  • The Agony and the Ecstasy of Windows 8 Part 2
  • Getting from here to there digitally: What is your preferred mapping app?

Internet Advisor Takeway:

Hour 2

Listener Questions Answered: If you email us a question about your computer, we will answer selected emails during this segment of our recorded programs.

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Unhappy Holidays

McAfee security experts warned that this holiday season will see a rise in scams and spams in a PC Magazine post.  Hopefully forewarned is forearmed in your case. Read the full article.

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Internet Advisor: 11/17/12 The Cheapskate's Guide to Black Friday

Show Notes:

Cheapskate’s Guide to Black Friday. Unstuff your wallet wisely with the help of Rick Broida, aka The Cheapskate (also Gadget Man).  For 5 years Rick has been squeezing nickels till the buffalo mooed.  Black Friday is coming and the deals are already being rolled out.  Catch Rick’s list of the Five Best Black Friday Deals.

Phoenix Guide to Detroit: Brandon Helderop, By day, Brandon’s occupation is in Marketing and Advertising. By night, he is the Co-Founder of Fail Detroit, a website that aims to promote innovation in Metro Detroit. When not doing those things, Brandon has a passion for writing about Metro Detroit’s startups, leadership and social media. You can follow him on Twitter at @B_Helderop. Emily Hay, our Social Media expert will introduce Brandon and share why she posted an entry on FailDetroit .


How to pick your next computer: Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, and Shane Hamelin share the key things to keep in mind when shopping for a new computer during Black Friday or the holidays.

CNET Laptop Buying Guide
CNET Tablet Buying Guide
How to Buy a Computer: TechSpot

Hour 2:

The First Week with Windows 8:

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Microsoft Update for Windows 8 Holes and More

Windows 8 has just been launched and it already joins its illustrious siblings in lining up for vaccinations against potential intruders.  Catch all the plugs on Patch Tuesday.

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Your First Hour With Windows 8

Don’t let the nay-sayers scare you away from Windows 8.  Windows Secrets newsletter has an excellent article that will help you start using the revolutionary new operating system without a lot of grief.

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