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Podcast: February 26, 2011

Gary Baker, Foster Braun, Kurt Hines, Erik Anderson

Gary Baker, Foster Braun, Kurt Hines, Erik Anderson

Show Notes

  • Dr. Tim Elmore author of Gen iY, a generation of young people we need to understand and guide .  Also examining the youth movements that have driven the revolutions throughout the Middle East through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Rejeana R. Heinrich, one of three enterprising sisters who created out of their homes in Standish, MI

Suggested links from show: Track your computer start up time with Soluto

Podcast: February 24, 2011 – Hour 1
Michigan-made website interview
Podcast: February 24, 2011 – Hour 2
Podcast: February 24, 2011 – Hour 3

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Quick Fix for Win 7 SP1 update installation errors

Seems that Microsoft made a bit of a hash of the recent SP1 release to Windows 7. Here is a cure for what may ail some of you who had the installation go sideways!  Imagine that!

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Podcast: February 19, 2011

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Foster Braun

Show Notes:

Hour 2 is dedicated to taking your calls about problems with your computers,  getting around the Internet and related topics.

Podcast: February 19, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: February 19, 2011 – Hour 2

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Anti-trust time for Apple's Subscription Plan?

Looks like Apple’s announcement this week that it was going to take 30% cut of any new subscribers to apps from within iTunes (e.g. news magazines, newspapers etc.) AND not allow their subscribers to go back out to the app’s homepage and subscribe there instead.  This has caused a firestorm from Sony and music subscription services like Rhapsody who are already paying for the right to carry the music involved.  There may be an Egypt-like revolt gathering in the digital square.  Now the Feds bave gotten the scent and we may soon see some anti-trust activity.

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US Broadband Coverage Map

The Federal government has created a web site that depicts the nation broadband internet  access based on the 2009 census.  The census information basically tell us that 10% of the nation does not have access to high speed internet and those area that do have the access, 68% pay for the service.  The US government site,, provides an interactive map that allows you to search an areas for Internet provides but the graphics are very poor and the site very slow.  I had better luck just entering in my city, state and zip code.  Read entire article here
Ed Rudel

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Check out Ed Rudel's Posts on the Internet Advisor Facebook Page

If you are on Facebook, just look up Internet Advisor, “like” us and you will be alerted every time we find something interesting going on in the world of computing during the week when we are not on the air on WJR in Detroit.  Ed Rudel, Gary, Cal and Foster all throw in some interesting tidbits.  Just click on the Find us on Facebook on the right hand side of the homepage and you’re in business.  See you there!

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Broadband Boom Coming to the Boondocks?

This Saturday our good friend Charlie Hopper of Pasty.comin the upper, Upper Peninsula of Michigan (i.e. the beautiful Keweenau Peninsula) will talk about President Obama’s recent visit to Marquette to talk about expanding broad band to more parts of our country specifically rural areas.  Charlie and his crew have been doing that for nearly 15 years and we want to find out what the current state of technology is in his neck of  the woods (literally.)

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HP Unveils Three Devices Running webOS

HP unveiled three new devices to challenge the smartphone and tablets that are already on the market with a new operating system: webOS.  Is this too little, too late or could webOS be their secret sauce.

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Podcast: February 12, 2011

Helping the Blind to See with Computers

Erik Anderson: The Mac Minute.

Podcast: February 12. 2011 – Hour 1 [Seg. 1 Mich Commission for Blind and Optimetric Institute] [Seg. 2 Gina, Roger and Nathan Final-01] [ Seg. 3 Robert Blake from Jamaica] Podcast: February 12. 2011 – Hour 2
Podcast: February 12. 2011 – Hour 3

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President Obama's Address at Northern Michigan University

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