Our goal is to:

Help our listeners have a better online experience, and promote Internet use and technology in Michigan.

We bring you interesting guests and answer your questions about the Internet and the devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones etc.) youuse to access the Internet.


Gary Tux SeatedGary Baker has had a long career working with computers and promoting technology development in Michigan.  In the fall of 1997 when Foster called his ISP, Online Tech, and asked for help with some connection issues, he talked with Gary who was its president and one of the founders.  Their conversation and the whole idea of helping people enjoy their computer and online experience grew from there into the Internet Advisor Show in early 1998.  Their alliance has become Detroit’s longest running, locally produced technology talk show.  Gary also appeared as the Internet Advisor on WXYZ-TV  Channel 7 Action News Detroit from October 2000 to October 2002.

Gary served as a Senior VP & Chief Technology Officer at Flagstar Bank. He has also served as the Director of IT & CIO for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the SVP & CIO of Cengage Learning and VP of IT Delivery at Borders.  He was also a Partner in the Advanced Technology Group in Arthur Andersen’s Business Consulting, Director of IT Transformation at AlixPartners and a Global Managing Director at EDS.  Gary is a sought after lecturer on IT topics, new processes and innovative technologies nationally.

Ed CU StudioEd Rudel joined as a co-host in 2003.  Ed toiled for many years as an executive troubleshooter for HP and EDS in Detroit handling the challenges of BYoD (Bring Your Own Device) in the corporate world and has worked side-by-side with Cal Carson in that role.  Ed is also the reformed “hacker”  (white hat….good guys) on the crew and every relative’s favorite troubleshooter.

Cal holding MacBookCal Carson joined the Internet Advisor in the mid-2000’s to defend the honor of the “Dark Side” and help  with questions about Apple Computers.  Cal is an active member of the Detroit MacGroup and works as executive tech support for General Motors.  He speaks with forked tongue, i.e. he is fluent in both Windows and Mac.

Caston Thomas produces and co-hosts the show. He writes a blog on business strategies related to cyber security and all things tech related. Caston is also president and CEO of InterWorks. With 30 years in corporate IT, and 20 years focused on security, Caston is a recognized expert designing and deploying innovative technologies.  He has contributed his talents and time to the Salvation Army, Capuchin Soup Kitchen, and building clinics and orphanages in Africa.


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