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Why the iPad won't replace the newspaper!

A daily news app is coming to the iPad that is a collaboration between Apple and Newsday corporation, but it will have one shortcoming.

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Loss of Steve Jobs: Impact on Apple now and future.

Bloomberg News has created an in-depth look at one of the most influential men of our time, Steve Jobs.  Love him or loathe him, Steve’s vision of Apple computers and the recent wave of consumer products like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have revolutionized not just computing but our entire way of life. Watch this insightful video.

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Podcast: January 29, 2011

Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun and Erik Anderson
Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun and Erik Anderson

You read that correctly, we are on for a full THREE hours this Saturday, Jan. 29.

Our first hour features reporting directly from MacWorld Expo in San Franciso with Laura Phillips, Media Director for Handeholder, the Michigan-made iPad/tablet holder that is so successful.  Mac Expert Cal Carson and Erik Anderson, host of The Mac Minute , rounds out the hour talking about up-coming Apple products and the impact that Apple is having on the PC’s that most of you use.

Best News: TWO HOURS of computer troubleshooting with Ed Rudel and Cal Carson to help you find answers to your digital dilemmas.

Podcast: January 29, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: January 29, 2011 – Hour 2
Podcast: January 29, 2011 – Hour 3

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PC Virus Turns 25

In 1986 two Pakistani brothers launched the first virus called the Brain Virus and began an era most would like to rewind and erase.  Hackers today can buy kits online that will allow them to do everything from bringing a company to its digital knees with DDoS attacks or stealing identities around the world at will.  One could only wish those Pakistani brothers had used some of their brains a little more before they opened this Pandora’s box.  Full Story

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Chrysler Foundation Awards Grants to 15 Southeast Michigan FIRST Robotics Teams

Since 1989 Chrysler Foundation has been inspiring students in engineering and technology through their grants to FIRST robotics teams.  This year more than $110,000 will be disbursed to 15 teams from 19 high schools in Southeast Michigan.  Read the full story here and the complete list of teams.

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Podcast: January 22, 2011

Show Notes:

Paul Eisenstein: Senior editor of The Detroit Bureau gives his comments on the “electrifying” North American International Auto Show which ends this Sunday at 7 PM.

Karen Sohl, from Cisco, chats with Gary about the brand new Linksys E4200 Dual Band N Router that he has been testing in his own home this week.

Ann King and two of her fellow grad students at California State University, East Bay have designed and built a way to travel Route 66 from Santa Monica to Amarillo, Texas, without moving an inch. Watch this video for the full story.

Erik Anderson has The Mac Minute report as excitement builds to the upcoming MacWorld Expo 2011 in San Francisco.  And our second hour from 7-8 is dedicated to answering your computer questions.

Podcast: Paul Eisenstein
Podcast: Karen Sohl
Podcast: Ann King
Full Show Podcast: January 22, 2011 – Hour 1
Full Show Podcast: January 22, 2011 – Hour 2
Link: The Mac Minute

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Look Out For Another Fake Facebook Warning

This article will give  you all the details.  Needless to say, don’t accept any notice to either give information or change passwords in this case.  Do all of that from inside the service such as Facebook or Hotmail itself.  Otherwise you hand the bad guys the keys to your online life and Katie bar the door!

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Podcast: January 15, 2011

Hour 1:

-Online Sales Show 14% Growth with Bob Cell, President of MyBuys

The 2011 North American International Auto Show : The Year of Electric Cars and Rolling Connection to the Internet with Paul Eisenstein of The Detroit Bureau

Apple Announces the Arrival of the iPhone to Verizon in February The Mac Minute with Erik Anderson

Hour 2: Answering your computer questions 1-800-859-0957  1-800-859-0WJR

Link: The Mac Minute
Podcast: Bob Cell Interview
Full Show Podcast: January 15, 2011 – Hour 1
Full Show Podcast: January 15, 2011 – Hour 2|

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The Verizon iPhone is Official

The other shoe has finally dropped: The CDMA iPhone for Verizon Wireless will be available on Feb. 10, though existing customers can pre-order beginning Feb. 3. Pricing is set at $200 for a 16 GB model and $300 for the 32 GB device and you’ll have to sign a two-year contract.  Unfortunately, the Verizon iPhone WON’T run on their recently announced 4G system.

All you need to know about the Verizon iPhone (and some surprises.)

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Podcast: January 8, 2011

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson and Foster Braun return as we get an insider’s view of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas from Mike Burns the inventor of the Michigan made “Handeholder”.  Mike’s device has become enormously popular because it allows you to handle the iPad or any other tablet device easily from just about any angle. The guys also talk with Rob David, Executive Producer of The Handyman Show with Glenn Haege regarding CES. Rob had just returned from Las Vegas to give us his take on the event.  Look for the return of Erik Anderson’s Mac Minute as Apple prepares to spoil the party for the competition with their upcoming announcements. We also be taking your phone calls in our second hour to answer your computer questions.

Podcast: January 8, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: January 8, 2011 – Hour 2
Link: The Mac Minute

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