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Microsoft Kills Google Chrome Browser!

Under the guise of protecting computers from a password stealing Trojan, Microsoft security software killed Google’s Chrome browser on thousands of computers earlier this week.  Redmond was soon back-pedaling furiously trying to change the anti-virus software that targeted one of its most aggressive competitors in the browser wars. That’s one way of handling the competition: declare them toxic and zap them!

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Banks Hold Up ATM Card Users

Hands up, it’s a stick up.  Bank of America is leading the way with a newly announced $5/mon. charge for all ATM/Debit card users.  Good grief, we might have to start using cash. Remember that paper stuff people used to exchange for goods and services?

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Podcast: October 1, 2011

Jason Lambiris, CEO of Apex Digital Solutions in Sterling Heights, a Microsoft Gold Partner attended TEDxDetroit and provides a review of this amazing event along with Gary.

Andrea Woroch: Resources for adding to your electronic bookshelf and reviewing the Amazon Fire.

The changing face of journalism: Nick Bilton, NY Times Bits Blog, How navigation, aggregation and narrative are changing our lives and behavior. Nick is the author of I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works.

Erik Anderson has The Mac Minute with the final rumors leading up to next week’s iPhone 5 launch on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Hour 2 of the program is dedicated to answering questions that listeners have emailed to us. We call them back to give our advice.

Podcast: October 1, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: October 1, 2011 – Hour 2

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Amazon Lights a Fire

The burning question has been answered: Amazon has launched its own tablet, the Amazon Fire but the biggest news may be the price!  The 7″ color tablet will cost just $199 and will run a customized version of an older Android OS.  Look out iPad you might just get singed in the upcoming holiday market.

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Citizen Scientists Make Two Huge Discoveries

Ordinary folks have made some extraordinary discoveries.  First a group of online gamers solved an HIV puzzle that has baffled scientists for years.  Then a volunteer Web group collaborated to discover two new planets.  Remarkable what happens when we work together.  Wonder what would happen if Congress could do the same thing!

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Podcast: September 24, 2011

Facebook Follies: Understanding all the changes with Emily Hay, Social Network specialist

TEDX Detroit: Charlie Wollborg curator, TEDX will discuss this exciting creative event coming to the Motor City. (TED videos)

Making Mobile Work for Your Business: David Proegler Principal Consultant for Latitude Consulting Group Saline, MI

Hour 2

Michigan Cyber Summit : Dan Lohrmann, CTO for the State of Michigan

Listener email question call back.

Podcast: September 24, 2011 – Hour 1

Podcast: September 24, 2011 – Hour 2

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MORE Changes Coming to Facebook!

As if the uproar over recent changes to the giant social website weren’t causing enough upset, Facebook just announced even bigger changes. At the F8 developers conference, founder Mark Zuckerberg outline two major changes coming to Facebook: Timeline and Open Graph. But as predicted here, while FB faithful complain about the changes, few are jumping ship to Google+.

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Facebook gets a Facelift and Many Hate the New Look

Outrage, amusement and confusion seem to top the list of reactions to the huge changes in Facebook.  One has to wonder about the timing of Google+ in opening its doors to everyone just as Facebook is changing just about everything.  Right now outrage seems to be the sentiment of the day on my Facebook page. Foster Braun

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Everyone's Invited to Google+

Now we’re all special.  Google+ is open to one an all. Google’s attempt to challenge Facebook has been a closed party that required an “invitation” while it was in beta.  That has all changed as Google+ shifts into high gear.  Give it a try but we predict that it is going to be hard to get people to shift from long-entrenched Facebook habits!

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AT&T Launches First 4G LTE Networks

Without much fanfare, the number two cell carrier in the nation announced that it is launching its first 4G LTE networks in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio.  AT&T has been scrambling to catch up to Verizon, T-Mobile…well, just about everybody else in the telcom world!  Don’t expect any blazing speeds yet partly because no one is quite sure what 4G means!

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