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Skype Adds Video Chat to iPhones!

Holy Bandwidth, Batman, if you thought network congestion was bad on AT&T before, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”!  With just one day left before the new year, Skype releases an upgrade that allows its iPhone/iPad app to do video calls.  You will NOT need Apple’s FaceTime function to make this work; any old 3G network will do.  So if you have a device with a front facing camera and the new Skype app, you are good to go anywhere you can get a network connection, like to your buddy at home on his computer.

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How Good is Microsoft Home Security Essentials?

We have been hearing a lot of good things about Microsofts new security package called MS Home Security Essentials. We saw the dismal performance of the prior OneCare product my Redmond and weren’t too keen on trying it out but apparently it has come a long way.  Paired with Win 7, MSHE is scoring impressive marks as a light weight but highly effective security package.

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Facebook: King of the Web

Facebook has dethroned Google as the most visited website on the Internet as well as the most searched term.  Next: Reach 1 billion users mark in 2011!

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IA Tech Roundtable #9 12/26/10

Click here for: IA Tech Roundtable #9 (approx 40 Min.)

2010 Tech Review Show Notes:

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Postal Trucks to Provide Rolling Data Network

This may be the only way to save the failing US Postal System: Turn all their trucks into rolling data gathering network. (Ed Rudel)

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IA Tech Roundtable #8 Dec. 20. 2010

Click here to play or download: IA Tech Roundtable 8 Final

Show Notes:

Google Chrome OS and CR 84 Device

Sign up for a free CR 84 Test Device

Mark Zuckerberg Time Man/Person of the Year

iPhone and iPad rumors

Microsoft Gives Away 10 Free Products for IT and Home Users

iPhone Color Blind App.

Google set to map a new frontier: The human body

Download the new Chrome HTML 5 (beta) browser and explore the human body.

Nasty new virus: ThinkPoint

Moving theatre seats in Michigan

Once again Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year.

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Erik Anderson, Scott Anderson, Kurt Hines and Foster Braun

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Update Your FireFox

Mozilla has released its own batch of patches for the second most popular browser on the planet.

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Power failure may cost Toshiba 20% of its Flash Memory Inventory

.07 seconds power glitch and Toshiba may lose 20% of it Flash drive (NAND chip production) for 2011.  Full Story

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Death of VGA in 2010

VGA has long been the standard for video displays but no longer in high definition world.  Adios VGA.

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Microsoft Monster Patch Coming


Looks like Microsoft will round out the year with another monster patch Tuesday.  Reportedly 40 security breaches will be plugged.

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