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Malwarebytes Pro to Support XP Indefinitely

Worried about losing Windows XP security updates after April 7th? MalwareBytes commits to continue antivirus support for Windows XP, if you purchase the Pro version (which I think is still $25) .

2012 EdEd Rudel



Malwarebytes commits to lifetime support for XP users

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6 More Retailers Attacked Like Target

Jeremy Kirk, PC World Jan. 18, 2014

Cybercriminals have stolen payment card data from six more U.S. retailers using similar point-of-sale malware that compromised Target, a computer crime intelligence company said Friday.

The conclusion comes from a study of members-only forums where cybercriminalsbuy and sell data and malicious software tools, said Dan Clements, president of IntelCrawler, which conducted the analysis.

The retailers have not been publicly named, but IntelCrawler is providing technical information related to the breaches to law enforcement, Clements said in a telephone interview Friday.

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Richard Stiennon: Security 2014

Growth in spending

IT security spending worldwide will grow by 24% That is an additional $14.4 billion:

  • Encryption and key management will be the fastest growing
  • Security analytics and intelligence will be the second fastest

Congressional Action

Increased NSA oversight will be legislated to quell the outrage.

Once Congress realizes that bills to legalize information sharing are no longer palatable in the wake of the massive surveillance state they have helped create, they will address the fundamental flaws in critical infrastructure protection. Nothing will pass.

New Attacks

Critical Infrastructure will suffer a damaging outage from a targeted attack.

Cloud Computing Platforms, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure will suffer sophisticated attacks to steal computing time and data.

There will be no mobile malware that can spread device to device or from smartphone to corporate network.

A nation state (Iran, North Korea) will use cyber attacks to project force.

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The Year Trust Died on the Internet

2013 The Year Trust Died Online

We had something beautiful. An Internet born of Wild West enthusiasm, fueled by free and unfettered commerce, and just beginning to shape a new world without constraints where sovereign borders meant less and less while human interactions and instantaneous organization meant more and more.

All that died with the revelation from Edward Snowden that in fact the NSA and other intelligence agencies had tapped into the Internet stream to take advantage of an intelligence windfall. The NSA, with a little help from its friends has siphoned off email, texts, phone calls, and geo-location data to spy on practically the whole world. In an unrestrained rush to capture everything it has destroyed everything that made the Internet good.

Where to begin? Apparently the NSA steals data from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Apple, and Skype. It taps the undersea fiber optic cables from which it can derive geolocation data for all cell phone calls. It targets the cell phones and email accounts of world leaders. It infiltrates standards bodies such as NIST and the IETF to subvert crypto standards. It bribes vendors of encryption products to use these corrupt standards.

The fall out has been remarkable. Yes, …

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Podcast 1345 Nov.16, 2013 Rick Broida, The Gadget Guy & Home Security for the Holidays with AT&T


Show Notes:

Hour 1

Rick Broida, The Gadget Guy raves about Republic Wireless MotoX and rants about Windows 8.1!  Plua  a look ahead at the electronic buying season with the ultimate Cheapskate! Don’t miss Rick’s new book:

 Cheapskate Rules

Savings Toolkit

Black Friday Ad Resources

AT&T Offers New Total Home Security System

Trevis ID Melissa Bahoora Regional Sales MgrAT&T has launched a totally automated, home security system during the last 4 months in the Michigan called Digital Life.  Regional Sales Managers Trevis Herrington and Melissa Bahoora have the details.  The home security system allows you to use your tablet or your phone to monitor your home. You can view your cameras, take snapshots, turn off the water to your home remotely and control your temperature.

MiTechNews Report

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector. This MiTechNews report with Mike Brennan is brought to you by  the Engineering Society of Detroit, representing 16,000 engineers in

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Podcast June 1, 2013: Scam School

Scam buster

Show Notes

Scam School

Guests 6/1/13

Loyal Listener Len Michael’s shares his story of a questionable PayPal message and how he kept from  becoming another victim of scams.

Internet Advisor, Gary Baker, received a surprise notice from Amazon about $1,000+ TV he had bought….only he hadn’t bought it!  Gary tells how to get this kind of this sorted out.

Microsoft has published a list of suggestions to help you stop being victimized by con artists and still use the Internet safely.  Our advisors will discuss the points.

  • Lock your mobile phone with a unique, four-digit PIN. Much like your ATM code, don’t share it.
  • Help protect your privacy online. Don’t overshare. Think before posting where you are and save vacation highlights and photos for your return. 
  • Use location-based services safely. Think carefully about turning on geotagging. Share your location only with those you trust. Pay attention to where and when you check in. Get permission before you check in others. 
  • Conduct financial or business related transactions on a secure network. Don’t use “borrowed” or public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Please silence your mobile phone.  And by “silence,” this doesn’t mean turning it on vibrate.  That’s still disruptive in a movie theater,

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Apple Two Step ID

Apple introduces a two step security system for its users.

Apple 2 Step

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Podcast: Dec. 29, 2012 2012 Mayan Misfire Year In Review

Show Notes:

Hour 1:

Mike Amman, President and CEO of the San Joaquin Partnership is a Pioneer Entrepreneur and Technology Analyst.  He looks at trends in 2012 that will set the tone for 2013 in the digital world.  Is wearable computing just over the horizon?  What forces will shape the computers we use and what they can do?

Richard Stiennon, International CyberSecurity Analyst is a frequent expert guest on the show and has consulted companies around the globe on security issues.  2012 was characterized by massive data breaches; will our information be any safer in 2013?  What are the new threats?  How do we protect ourselves?

Aaron Guilimette, VP IT Apex Digital aka. Windows 8 Man will talk about what’s gone right and wrong with Microsoft’s most ambitious remake of their OS in over 20 years.  Tips and tricks to help all those who found a Windows 8 machine in their stocking.Hour 2:

Hour 2:     Predictions 2012, How Did They Do?

Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun and Shane Hamelin face the music and listen to their 2012 Predictions

Hour 3

For live show listeners, call 800-859-0957 toll free during the show.

If you are listening over the Michigan Talk …

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What is Snapchat?  If you are a parent, you should be aware of this popular app that may already be on your child’s smartphone.

Snapchat is the fourth most popular social media app right now and the majority of users are between the ages of 13 and 18.  At first glance, it looks like a kid-friendly app with a cute “ghost” icon as the logo and a cartoonish style.  The CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, claims there is no intent to market the app to kids, but their homepage and ads include photos of teens or young adults.

You can also download the app quite easily and set up an account with only an email and password.  There are no questions or age requirements.  In this blog, we are here to address three myths believed by teens about Snapchat and we’re also going to present facts for parents to debunk those myths.



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Podcast 12/1/12: Syria Goes Dark and Are You A Human?

Show Notes:

Syria Blown Back to Dark Ages: Richard Stiennon, Internet Analyst & Security Expert, explores how this could happen and whether we could see the lights go out suddenly under just the wrong kind of conditions.

Online Buyer Beware: Online Sales Shattered All Records This Past Week. The Internet Advisor Team present the Do’s and Dont’s of Online Buying.

Are You A Human? Nothing personal and lots of fun.  Reid Tatoris, co-founder of the website  security service, is back to talk about Play Thru, the new form of identification for the Web. Try it out! (BTW, that is the new identification process you will use when you Contact Us on our homepage)

What’s New On the Web?  Vince Chmielewski, founder of VC Webdesign tells what’s hot in website design, dealing with the booming mobile market and what you need to decide before you create a website. (Disclosure: Vince designed the current Internet Advisor site and is working on a re-design.)

Windows 8 Tutorials

Internet Advisor Takeway:

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