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Review: AT&T – Nokia Double Play



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AT&T Value Package Nokia 2520 Tablet and 1020 Phone

Foster Braun, Internet Advisor Jan. 25, 2014

Just in time for Christmas AT&T put the bow on a nice package of Nokia devices: the Nokia 2520 tablet and Nokia Lumia Win Phone 8 models including the outstanding 1020.  Thanks to new friends at the super telco, I was able to obtain a review copy of both the 2520 tablet and 1020 phone with full access to AT&T’s super fast 4G LTE network.

The New Mobile Paradigm
Remember when phones were just for calling people? If  you do, you may also vividly remember Ronald Reagan’s presidency.  The new reality is that a fast growing segment of we cellphone users who carry smartphones are carting around supercomputers in our pockets and purses.  We have discovered, however,  that their relatively small footprint does not give us the kind of viewing space and manipulation that we are being invited to enjoy by increasing numbers apps and  streaming sources.  Hence the rise of the tablets and hybrids to bridge the gap. The combination of smartphone and tablet have become a new Mobile Paradigm.

AT&T Double Play

AT&T has been the biggest proponent of Windows …

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Nokia 920 Windows Phone 8 Review

Foster Braun, The Internet Advisor, July 2013


After an interminable wait, the ice suddenly broke when I was invited to the grand opening of the Microsoft store in Troy June 2013. There I met a helpful person who works for a West Coast PR firm contracted to promote Microsoft events.  Through them I got to the right person in less than a week and had a Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 arrive in another week.

Heavy Enough to Cause Damage
My fire engine red Lumia 920 came out of the box swinging like a heavy weight.  It is one of the heftiest mobile phones you will ever carry but…it feels strangely lighter than its older sister, the Lumia 900.  This is perhaps because of the tapering of the edges on the phone which gives it a markedly more comfortable grip on the device. Unfortunately the bright minds that designed the Lumia 920 felt that the external surface had to be as slippery as possible!  In the first hour of having the device out of the box it squirted out of my hands no less than a half dozen times.  If you are going to make this your next …

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Supreme Court Kills Net Neutrality but FCC is Clear Winner

The FCC may have lost its battle in federal court last week to enforce its Net neutrality rules, but the ruling actually gave the agency what some are calling unlimited authority to regulate almost every aspect of the Internet.

The decision by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia was initially deemed a blow to the principles of an open Internet and to attempts by the Federal Communications Commission to enforce them. But the simple truth is that last week’s decision marked a big victory for the FCC.


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Snowden Says Not All Spying is Bad

During a live Web chat, NSA whistle-blower/leaker Edward Snowden emphasizes the need for the rule of law. He also strikes, at one point, a tone you might take as conciliatory.


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Macintosh Turns 30

Dan Farber CNet  Jan. 21, 2014

The date was set for January 24, 1984, two days after the Ridley Scott-directed TV commercial introducing the idea of the Macintosh would appear during the Super Bowl between the Washington Redskins and the Los Angeles Raiders. Steve Jobs would unveil what he came to call Apple’s “insanely great” personal computer “for the rest of us.”

The day couldn’t come fast enough. While its flagship Apple II was selling well, the Apple III had flopped. What’s more, few businesses were willing to pay $10,000 for Apple’s Lisa, which debuted in June 1983.


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Podcast 1404 Jan. 25, 2014: 16th Anniversary Show

anniversary cake

Happy 16th Anniversary

Show Notes

Hours 1 & 2 The Internet: Past, Present and Future

Charlie HopperCharlie Hopper has been keeping Yoopers connected to the Internet with all sorts of innovative solutions.  He began Pasty.comand at almost the same time Internet Advisor began.



IGD Solutions: Gateway to the Internet – Battling Hackers

Steve HyerSteve Hyer, CEO of IGD Solutions, hosts the Internet Advisor homepage and last week spent over 24 hours battling a DDOS attack that kept our site off the air until just before the show.


Agile and Beyond

Jason DinkelmannTom ChurchwellJason Dinkelmann and Tom Churchwell describe the collaborative workplace conference coming Feb. 21 and 22 in Detroit. Tickets are $149 but if you go to the Agile and Beyond website for the next two weeks and type in WJR760, they get tickets for $99!


LoveforDetroit: The Future of Detroit

Terry BeanTerry Bean runs Motor City Connect, a group of some 5,000 folks in the metro area trying to make a difference. Terry is helping Mike Brennan organize on March 13 to celebrate Detroit at Charles Wright Museum to help them kick off their celebration of our city’s 313th year.  …

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Keeping New Year's Resolutions: Microsoft


The New Year is here! While many, many people plan to use this landmark time to eat healthy, lose weight, get better organized, save more money – the problem with these goals is that they are difficult to maintain. Most people want to see progress within a few weeks. Unfortunately, keeping resolutions can be complicated.
That’s why this year, technology may be the best way to reach your goals…. The creative minds at Microsoft have come up with a number of great tools – apps – to set attainable goals and keep them for more than just a few weeks.

For Getting Fit:
·         Bing Health & Fitness –  Bing Health & Fitness app is a personal companion for everyday living. This app offers trackers for diet, health and exercise that sync with Microsoft’s HealthVault to bring in data from personal medical records and other tracking tools.
For Saving Money:
·         Mint – Get your finances in order with Mint, now available on Windows and Windows Phone! Mint offers a simple and organized way to set budgets, track accounts, set helpful financial reminders, track when bills are due, and do …

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6 More Retailers Attacked Like Target

Jeremy Kirk, PC World Jan. 18, 2014

Cybercriminals have stolen payment card data from six more U.S. retailers using similar point-of-sale malware that compromised Target, a computer crime intelligence company said Friday.

The conclusion comes from a study of members-only forums where cybercriminalsbuy and sell data and malicious software tools, said Dan Clements, president of IntelCrawler, which conducted the analysis.

The retailers have not been publicly named, but IntelCrawler is providing technical information related to the breaches to law enforcement, Clements said in a telephone interview Friday.

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Michigan's Brain Drain

The net migration rate of young, college-educated individuals — more widely known as brain drain — in Michigan was -2.2% in 2012. The last time the state experienced a gain among this demographic was 2004.

About 19,000 young, college-educated people (aged 22-34) migrated to the state in 2012, and roughly 28,000 individuals left. The net loss of about 9,000 people results in a -2.2% domestic migration rate of this segment of the population, according to research by Ryan Gimarc, economic analyst, at the Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives.

In addition, Gimarc found:  Read full article

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Podcast 1403 Jan. 18, 2014 David Behen, State of Michigan CIO

Gary, Ed, Cal, Foster

The Internet Advisor

16 Years Serving Michigan and the World

Show Notes:

Hour 1

David Behen, CIO State of Michigan

David Behen, State of Michigan CIO

As Michigan’s chief information officer, David Behen is responsible for setting the strategic direction and ensuring the timely delivery of the state’s IT services.

Grand Circus

Derek Turner

Derek Turner is the Director of Business Development at Grand Circus Detroit, a modern tech training institute in the heart of downtown Detroit. An Arizona transplant, Derek has a passion for transforming Detroit by educating Detroiters with skills that local companies need, to the benefit of both.

Grand Circus, a training institute in the heart of downtown Detroit, is offering readers of MITechNews.Com and listeners of the Internet Advisor a 10 % discount on in-depth classes that start Jan. 28. The discount is good until Jan. 29.

ACE 14

Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks has been on the ACE (Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship ) committee for several years. Bloom  has served on public, private and non-profit boards and is the co-founder and Chairman of Peak Rescue Institute, which teaches advanced rescue skills to first responders in law enforcement, public health and the military.  He is also the Chairman of  He has been on the Organizing Committee …

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