Richard Stiennon: Security 2014

Growth in spending

IT security spending worldwide will grow by 24% That is an additional $14.4 billion:

  • Encryption and key management will be the fastest growing
  • Security analytics and intelligence will be the second fastest

Congressional Action

Increased NSA oversight will be legislated to quell the outrage.

Once Congress realizes that bills to legalize information sharing are no longer palatable in the wake of the massive surveillance state they have helped create, they will address the fundamental flaws in critical infrastructure protection. Nothing will pass.

New Attacks

Critical Infrastructure will suffer a damaging outage from a targeted attack.

Cloud Computing Platforms, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure will suffer sophisticated attacks to steal computing time and data.

There will be no mobile malware that can spread device to device or from smartphone to corporate network.

A nation state (Iran, North Korea) will use cyber attacks to project force.

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