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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopping Resources

This list of shopping resources is good all year ’round since these two shopping “holidays” were simply created to promote online sales. Right now those digital sales have now nearly swamped “brick and mortar” commerce in the US.

The resources listed here are among some mentioned by Rick Broida, The Cheapskate, and Internet Advisor Gadget Guy.

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AT&T Offers Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet for $199.99 with Windows Smartphone Bundle

Windows Tablet Comes with Microsoft Office Suite that Helps Users Create, Edit with Ease

Dallas, Texas, November 15, 2013
AT&T * customers can own a tablet that’s used for more than reading the news and watching videos.

The Nokia Lumia 2520, which will be available in black in all AT&T channels beginning on November 22, is a great tool for both consuming and creating content.  Customers can purchase the Lumia 2520 for $399.99 with a two-year agreement, or for $199.99 with a two-year agreement when bundled with a Nokia Lumia 925, Nokia Lumia 1020, or Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 is a versatile Windows RT 8.1 tablet with a variety of features that helps users stay connected, productive, and entertained.  Lumia 2520 has a 10.1” Full High Definition display with ClearBlack technology for amazing outdoor readability so you can even use it in direct sunlight. Enjoy stunning video playback, gaming, and document viewing in 1080p from virtually anywhere. Lumia 2520 comes with built-in Microsoft Office and Outlook, which allows users to create presentations, edit spreadsheets, and keep track of emails wherever they may be.

The tablet weighs just 22 ounces and is portable enough to …

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The Nokia Lumia 2520 Arrives

Nokia released its first ever tablet to the world on Thurs. Nov. 22 and the response has been generally favorable with respect to the excellent engineering and design.  It remains a mystery what Microsoft will do with this excellent tablet running Windows RT 8.1 when its purchase of Nokia’s devices division is complete in 2014.  The following review is by one of the leading Microsoft commentators Mary Jo Foley who has used the Microsoft Surface RT with great success since it original release.

The Nokia Lumia 2520: My week with the ‘other’ Windows ARM tablet

Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet

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Ed Rudel's Excellent Disaster Relief Checklist

2012 EdEd Rudel
The Internet Advisor 11-23-13


– DTE has a smartphone app and Consumers Energy has a web site (come on, get with the times)
– Flashlight
– Weather tracker app
– Hotel finder apps
– Bank or credit union application (transfer funds to a family member)
– Insurance claim apps
– Locate my family (GPS based?)
– American Red Cross has 2 apps – Tornado and First Aid

Even something as simple as storing all of your local emergency contacts (local police and Fire), utility companies, and neighbors phone numbers.

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Shane Hamelin's "High Tech Thanksgiving"

Shane Hamelin, CompuQuest Tech ExpertBy Shane Hamelin
Internet Advisor – WJR AM 760


Making Thanksgiving a little less stressful and more fun this year with a “High Tech Thanksgiving”
We scoured the internet for holiday products with one thing in common, better technology. After all,
this is the future right, we may not have flying cars yet but at least we can have a fried turkey without the fear of burning down the garage this year…

1.)    Thanksgiving Menu Apps – As the family cook, I’m always looking for ways to improve the Thanksgiving Day Fest. You would think, there must be a better way to server canned cranberries right? Well there is…
I’ve listed two menu apps for both iOS and Android, which should help take a lot of the guess work and wasted time thinking of new receipts and free up some extra time to spend with the family this year.

iOS –                           Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking

Android –                  Thanksgiving Recipes HD

2.)    Char-Broil OIL-FREE Infrared Turkey Fryer – There will be NO fire trucks at this guy’s home this year.  I know, some people love the adventure of cooking their bird in molten lava with the chance of …

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Podcast 1346 Nov. 23, 2013: Ed and Shane's Thanksgiving Special


Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Clipart

Show Notes

Hour 1:

2012 EdEd’s Excellent Advice: When Disaster Strikes

Ed Rudel has a checklist you will want to have on hand if disaster strikes in the form of nasty winter weather, flooding or alien invasion.


Shane Hamelin, CompuQuest Tech Expert

Shane’s High Tech Thanksgiving

Shane Hamelin has a list of things that will help you prepare for Thanksgiving and even fry your turkey without burning down the garage….we hope!


Black Friday_Cyber MondayBlack Friday/Cyber Monday Shopping Resources

Combined websites from Rick Broida, the Cheapskate and our other experts.



MiTechNews Report

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector. This MiTechNews report with Mike Brennan is brought to you by  the Engineering Society of Detroit, representing 16,000 engineers in Southeast Michigan. 

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 Hour 2: Answering Listener Questions

Shane Hamelin joins Ed Rudel, Paul Gurgul and Foster Braun to answer listener questions.

Watch out for the Crypto Locker Virus




Sending Your Questions to the Show During Sports Season

Email Questions Submit your questions to

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Podcast 1345 Nov.16, 2013 Rick Broida, The Gadget Guy & Home Security for the Holidays with AT&T


Show Notes:

Hour 1

Rick Broida, The Gadget Guy raves about Republic Wireless MotoX and rants about Windows 8.1!  Plua  a look ahead at the electronic buying season with the ultimate Cheapskate! Don’t miss Rick’s new book:

 Cheapskate Rules

Savings Toolkit

Black Friday Ad Resources

AT&T Offers New Total Home Security System

Trevis ID Melissa Bahoora Regional Sales MgrAT&T has launched a totally automated, home security system during the last 4 months in the Michigan called Digital Life.  Regional Sales Managers Trevis Herrington and Melissa Bahoora have the details.  The home security system allows you to use your tablet or your phone to monitor your home. You can view your cameras, take snapshots, turn off the water to your home remotely and control your temperature.

MiTechNews Report

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector. This MiTechNews report with Mike Brennan is brought to you by  the Engineering Society of Detroit, representing 16,000 engineers in

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Podcast 1344 Nov. 9, 2013: Three Hour Special

Internet Advisor Special Broadcast

Hour 1:


Gaylord College Student Wins AT&T App Contest:

Aaron CrawfisAaron Crawfis may have struck gold when he developed a simple locator app for himself and his friends.  The freshman at Notre Dame University impressed AT&T gave him the prize for best app and the sky is the limit.  The app is called Beacon and it is being tested for release after Thanksgiving.


NASA busted again!: CyberSecurity Issues in the News

Richard StiennonRichard Stiennon, Executive Editor,  securitycurrent, noted author (Cyber Styletto and SCADA and Me), analyst and international security consultant joins us again to sort out a blizzard of security headlines that have cropped up.  Where is this mess with the NSA heading?  Isn’t every national government that can spying on each other?  Richard has also published a unique book for “kids and management” called SCADA and Me  written by Robert E. Lee.

Hour 2:


MS Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

Jerry CarlsonJerry Carlson, reigning Device Ninja the  Microsoft Heartland District, focuses his time on helping his customers with innovative business solutions, like Ford SYNC, Ford WORKS and other in-vehicle technologies.  Jerry will walk us through the new MS Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

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Podcast 1343 Nov. 2, 2013 : Social Media Tools for Small Business and the End of Email?

The Internet Advisor is pre-recorded each Saturday afternoon during Michigan State football and basketball seasons.  From Dec.1 to March 31 many of the Sat. shows are heard at their regular time of 4-6PM EST on WJR, 760 AM.  The shows are ALWAYS delivered as a podcast on Sunday evening and are available on this page and by subscription on iTunes and other podcast aggregators. Watch this space and our Facebook Page for more information.

small bus and social

Show Notes:

Hour 1:

5 Essential Small Business Tools for Small Business

Our social media expert Emily Hay presents 5 tools that are a must have for small businesses that want to look big on the Internet.


Is Email Broken?

Serial entrepreneur (that’s a good thing) and general digital guru Mike Amman is back in town to talk about the latest trends and answer the question: Do you believe that email is the most broken technology you use today.


MiTechNews Report

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector. This MiTechNews report with Mike Brennan is brought to you by Mophie.Com, the

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5 Must have social media tools for Small Businesses

Emily Hay, CEO and Founder of, Oct. 24, 2013

Are you a small business owner? Does social media have your head spinning and thinking there just aren’t enough hours in the day? We know small business owners have a lot on their plate already simply with the ins and outs of running a business. Adding social media marketing can seem daunting (you ARE using social media marketing, right?).

Whether you are managing your own social media or have help from your team, here’s a list of five must-have social media tools that our experts at Hay There use regularly, talk about often and suggest you use to make your life easier. Perhaps you’ve heard of them or maybe you’ve tried a few. As heavy social media users, we think these are worth two “Likes” as they make your social media efforts and other work streamlined and more productive. Please be sure to let us know if you have questions!

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