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Social media's biggest hits and misses of 2013

Social media has invaded every aspect of our lives, and in 2013 that fact became more apparent than ever. Have a problem with a company? Tweet at them to solve it. See a billboard on your commute to work? Note the Facebook logo in the lower corner. Beyoncé announces the biggest album of the year where? On Instagram, of course.

Social media isn’t disappearing anytime soon, but the rules are still being written and it’s anyone’s guess as to where we go from this point. Here are the biggest social media triumphs and downfalls of the year.

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Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014

Analysts Examine Top Industry Trends at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013 October 6-10 in Orlando
Gartner, Inc. today highlighted the top ten technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2014.  Analysts presented their findings during Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, being held here through October 10.
Gartner defines a strategic technology as one with the potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years. Factors that denote significant impact include a high potential for disruption to IT or the business, the need for a major dollar investment, or the risk of being late to adopt.
A strategic technology may be an existing technology that has matured and/or become suitable for a wider range of uses. It may also be an emerging technology that offers an opportunity for strategic business advantage for early adopters or with potential for significant market disruption in the next five years. These technologies impact the organization’s long-term plans, programs and initiatives.
“We have identified the top 10 technologies that companies should factor into their strategic planning processes,” said David Cearley. “This does not necessarily mean adoption and investment in all of the listed technologies, …

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Cal Carson Predictions 2014

1) Apple will announce an “Apple TV Set” in the last quarter of 2014

2) Microsoft will have a new CEO that will divide the company into two parts.

  • One for Hardware  (Surface, Xbox One)
  • One for Software (Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 O/S,  Office)

3) Blackberry will be acquired by a third party and then be rebranded and produce a new product.

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Ed Rudel-2014-predictions

This year I am not going to make any hardball predictions.  So, let’s play softballs.

1. Steve Ballmer is retiring from Microsoft.  I really feel that Microsoft internal product line struggling is killing the company.  They have become like their old time and tired rival IBM who in years past was laughed at for clinging to the old and tired main frames to keep the blood pumping.  The same could be said for Microsoft clinging to revenue streams from Microsoft Server software, Microsoft Office, and 10 year old new kid on the block, Xbox gaming console.  Microsoft needs a transfusion, out with the old guard and in with new blood that will revitalize the company, refocus and inspire a new generation of products.
Microsoft new CEO will be young, between the age of 48 and 52 years old.  How is that for a softball?

2. Microsoft Tablets – Currently the IPad is 40% tablet market.  The Microsoft Surface and other OEM manufactures running the Windows 8 OS comprise less than 2% of the tablet market.  I predict that Microsoft Windows 8 style tables by both Microsoft and the OEMs will reach 6% of the Tablet market in 2014.

3. Universal …

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Richard Stiennon: Security 2014

Growth in spending

IT security spending worldwide will grow by 24% That is an additional $14.4 billion:

  • Encryption and key management will be the fastest growing
  • Security analytics and intelligence will be the second fastest

Congressional Action

Increased NSA oversight will be legislated to quell the outrage.

Once Congress realizes that bills to legalize information sharing are no longer palatable in the wake of the massive surveillance state they have helped create, they will address the fundamental flaws in critical infrastructure protection. Nothing will pass.

New Attacks

Critical Infrastructure will suffer a damaging outage from a targeted attack.

Cloud Computing Platforms, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure will suffer sophisticated attacks to steal computing time and data.

There will be no mobile malware that can spread device to device or from smartphone to corporate network.

A nation state (Iran, North Korea) will use cyber attacks to project force.

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Shane Hamelin: Predictions 2014


  • Massive User Drop for facebook

Younger people are dropping like flies due to social media drama, “the Look at me” syndrome and PARENTS. Big changes in social media heading for 2014. Snapchat, twitter members increase, while the facebook drop opens the door for a new type of social media

  • Amazon to tackle TV/Movie industry hard for 2014
    Everything from its own TV hardware to Original programming and all cart content.
  • Another Cyber Piracy crackdown coming
    With a lot of the Internet big boys now producing their own TV and movie content, they will start protecting these copyrights.

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Foster Braun Predictions 2014

Part 1

-IA/MITechNews Combo will develop new podcast presence in 2014.

-Walled OS gardens (iOS, Android, Windows 8 etc.) will grow higher and more impregnable. Interoperability and Open Source are on life support. 

-Steven Elop will be the new CEO of Microsoft when all the dust settles.  The fix is in.
-Apple will succeed where others have failed with the smart watch.

Sad Goodbyes
-Aereo (depending on the outcome of the Supreme Court hearing in 2014)
-Facebook – will experience a HUGE loss of key user base (45-65) due to privacy, video auto play and other distractions.
-Barnes & Noble

  • Where will Nook go?

Part 2

-Google, the evil empire will rise to dominate the tech scene from mobile to OS. 
-Amazon continue to will continue to dominate the eCommerce scene and maybe even release its own smartphone as a losing cost device like their tablets.
-Microsoft Surface products will gain wider acceptance and pave the way for Win 8 in popular mind. (BIG ACHILLES HEEL: Buggy software MUST be fixed (e.g. Evernote to YouVersion Bible)
-Windows Phone 8 will entrench itself as the third operating platform through solid overseas performance.
-TV Set-top box (w DVR) is new cord

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Mike Brennan Predictions 2014

1) Mobile – through smartphones – will continue its domination of the computing market. More than 30 percent of the ad spending in 2014 will be on mobile devices.
2) Interactive Video will redefine broadcast TV. Videos also will become the shopping vehicle of choice on tablet computers replacing still photos.
3) Open source will dominate software development. The days of proprietary applications and operating systems are numbered.
4) Big Data will then flourish in this new open source development world where mobile devices capture an exponential amount of information on users, including personal preferences that become the new way businesses deliver target advertising

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Mike Amman: eCommerce and Globalization 2014

The hunt for new talent

My view is that California is doing very well and growing faster than the media will talk about.  We are about 3 year from when the baby boomers retire or pull back to enjoy life and not press ahead for one more swing of the bat. This will give talent the opportunity to move up and all employers will have to change their minds on the ability to “just replace the retirees” since supply will remain low and demand is about to really increase for Talent.

I know that optimism doesn’t sell but everyone is going to turn optimist in 2014. My view was Emily Hay’s in 2013 using the lucky “13 theme in my annual report. And she was right it was a great year even though most could not come to believe it and where looking for a head fake and a crash in the economy especially with Washington closing the Federal government.  However, 2013 did set us up for a booming economy “around the world” in 2014. So don’t miss it.  Here’s the old book that saw this trend in 1999 – The Long Boom: A Vision For The Coming Age

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Emily Hay Recap 2013 and Predictions 2014

Social Media Recap of 2013x

By Emily A. Hay, Hay There Social Media

Lucky 13, right?  It may be more than luck that caused social media adoption rates to continue to grow among brands, small businesses and individuals alike.

Here’s a quick recap we’ve prepared for the end of the year Internet Advisor Show on WJR.  What social media trends do you remember from 2013?  What predictions are you most looking forward to in the new year?  We’d love to hear from you!

For Brands

–       In 2013, 54% of all marketers have acquired a customer through Facebook.  YouTube and Twitter come in second and third respectively as social networks that also allow brands to meet and do business with individuals they connect with.  (Source:

–       Social media use during the SuperBowl was 3x higher than in 2012.   2013 was the year of the famous social media win by Oreo for reacting quickly enough during the power outage with a tweet that said, “Power Out? No problem.  You can still dunk in the dark”  (Source:

For Small Businesses

–       From a Q3 report, total reviews on Yelp’s sites, where consumers rate and leave comments about local businesses such …

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