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Podcast 1638: Dress Up Day, Yahoo’s Blowout, Tesla Sues Michigan and Mike Ammann Tours Facebook

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Yahoo announced this week that it had suffered a breach of 500,000 usernames and passwords….wait for it….in 2014!


Interworks logo

Caston ThomasCaston Thomas, The Chuck Norris of Securing & Managing Mobile & Networks, is the CEO of InterWorks Technology,  a computer and security company based in Rochester, MI. Mr. Thomas tackles questions like: Why did Yahoo wait two years?  They claim that this was a “state sponsored attack” but where is the proof?  

Listen to the conversation here:1638-yahoo-break-in-caston-thomas [/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”black” border_width=”3″][vc_column_text]iot

cal-headshot-9-24-16Cal Carson
, one of our tech experts, is on a mission:  He wants to see how many different devices he can connect in his home through the Internet of Things (IoT)  This could include a Nest Thermostat, LED lights, a remote

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1600 Tech Predictions 2016

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Predictions 2016

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Show Notes:

Predictions 2016

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Mike AmmannMike Amman, President/CEO San Joaquin Partnership
It may be old hat but:
IoT internet of things combined with 3 D printing
Scaling of Electric Vehicles in the next 5 years with the demise of clean diesel
Driverless vehicles should be driver assisted vehicle – low cost sensors and camera will make operating vehicles much safer- Silicon Valley becoming a software development cluster for the worlds driverless car technology
Scaling of startups with Y-combinator, Plug & Play and 500 Startups with second round financing for companies making it through the initial start up phase
Online sales out pace in-store sales for the first time in 2016.
[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]Gary Tux SeatedGary Baker, Co host and co-founder of Internet Advisor
Automatous (self-driving) vehicles will become closer to reality with the technology changes.  For example, there is a price drop better camera/sensor technologies and new research to use a method of mapping the precise location of the vehicle without relying solely on

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Taming Trolls and ITintheD


Show Notes:

Hour 1

Mike Ammann and Jonathan Osment
Mike Ammann and John Osment


Civilizing Online Debate


Partnership_c_centerMike Ammann, CEO of San Joaquin Valley Partnership joins us once again in studio to talk about developing and mentoring entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley’s neighborhood.  Mike also brought along a new member of his extended family.


John Osment, soon to be Mike’s nephew by marriage, is also the founder of a website dedicated to civilizing conversation online by offering the rules of structures of debate to allow more heat than light to arise from arguments online.

Listen to Mike Ammann and John Osment Part 1

Listen to Mike Ammann and John Osment Part 2

The Mayhem Continues



ITintheDDave Phillips and Bob Waltenspiel join the IA crew to talk about their brand new recording studio in Ferndale, MI and their incredibly popular weekly podcast that is heading toward 1 Million listeners each week .  ITintheD is one of the hottest new tech podcasts on the Internet and it’s homegrown right here in the Ferndale, MI.



Nuri GocayNuri Gocay is the newest member of the ITintheD team and is also one of the organizers of Penguicon, originally  “a convention in the midwestern …

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Podcast 1501 Jan. 3, 2015: Security, Drones, Unicorns & Innovation



 Show Notes


Internet Advisor Predictions 2015


Internet Advisor Predictions 2014


Hour 1:  2015 Year of the Super Hack?

Listen to Hour 1 Complete

Super Hack

Richard StiennonRichard Stiennon, President of IT-Harvest is an international authority on security and a frequent contributor to the Internet Advisor.  Richard will give us his outlook on top security concerns from a global and national perspective.  Will this state sponsored hacking go from Cold War to a very Hot War with an attack on our infrastructure?

Listen to Richard Stiennon

TrustPipe Logo

TrustPipe: Personal Security for $5/Year

Ridgely EversRidgely Evers, CEO of TrustPipe reveals a new way of security your computer, servers and even hardware against the slickest attacks by hackers.  Don’t miss this conversation; it could be the difference between security and misery in 2015.

 Listen to Stiennon & TrustPipe Part 1

Listen to Stiennon & TrustPipe Part 2

MiTechNews Headlines

Mike BrennanMike Brennan, Editor and Host of MiTechNews

 Listen to MiTechNews 1-03-15

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 Hour 2: Drones & Future Forecasting

Listen to Hour 2 Complete

Drones over Detroit

Social Media Predictions 2015

Emily Hay

Emily Hay , founder and CEO of HayThereSocialMedia and  our social media expert,  looks into her crystal ball and tells us what to …

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Mike Amman: eCommerce and Globalization 2014

The hunt for new talent

My view is that California is doing very well and growing faster than the media will talk about.  We are about 3 year from when the baby boomers retire or pull back to enjoy life and not press ahead for one more swing of the bat. This will give talent the opportunity to move up and all employers will have to change their minds on the ability to “just replace the retirees” since supply will remain low and demand is about to really increase for Talent.

I know that optimism doesn’t sell but everyone is going to turn optimist in 2014. My view was Emily Hay’s in 2013 using the lucky “13 theme in my annual report. And she was right it was a great year even though most could not come to believe it and where looking for a head fake and a crash in the economy especially with Washington closing the Federal government.  However, 2013 did set us up for a booming economy “around the world” in 2014. So don’t miss it.  Here’s the old book that saw this trend in 1999 – The Long Boom: A Vision For The Coming Age

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June 8, 2013 Super Sized Show: Windows 8.1, Mike Amman, Minecraft Gaming, Kickstarting Solar Panels

Show Notes:

Hour 1

MS-Tech-Center-Opening-with-Gov-John-Fikany-Dave-Sawyer-2-11-1Windows 8.1 MS update: Dave Sawyer, MS Heartland MTC Technical Director, talks about features of the first major upgrade to Windows 8.  Start Button anyone?!

Windows 8.1 Tutorial Video

The Internet of Things: .NET microframework and small boards – great for programming

Where Do We Go From Here? Mike Amman: Pres. CEO, San Joaquin Partnership, Silicon Valley Analyst looks at future trends in computing.

Domino Pizza Drone 

Drone Medical Delivery in Africa

Blimps Deliver Internet to Africa

Hour 2

Minecraft: 8 bit online and downloadable video game that is the rage of the youngest users. Shane Hamelin with lead the conversation on gaming with Jack Lattin (Foster’s 9 year old grandson and fanatical Minecraft player).



Kickstarting Solar Panels in Guatemala: Justin Baker (Gary Baker’s son) will join us to talk about an Eagle Scout project to bring light and power to remote Central American communities. How you can help.

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector.


Hour 3:  Answering Listener Questions. 800-859-0957

Email  your

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Podcast: Dec. 29, 2012 2012 Mayan Misfire Year In Review

Show Notes:

Hour 1:

Mike Amman, President and CEO of the San Joaquin Partnership is a Pioneer Entrepreneur and Technology Analyst.  He looks at trends in 2012 that will set the tone for 2013 in the digital world.  Is wearable computing just over the horizon?  What forces will shape the computers we use and what they can do?

Richard Stiennon, International CyberSecurity Analyst is a frequent expert guest on the show and has consulted companies around the globe on security issues.  2012 was characterized by massive data breaches; will our information be any safer in 2013?  What are the new threats?  How do we protect ourselves?

Aaron Guilimette, VP IT Apex Digital aka. Windows 8 Man will talk about what’s gone right and wrong with Microsoft’s most ambitious remake of their OS in over 20 years.  Tips and tricks to help all those who found a Windows 8 machine in their stocking.Hour 2:

Hour 2:     Predictions 2012, How Did They Do?

Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun and Shane Hamelin face the music and listen to their 2012 Predictions

Hour 3

For live show listeners, call 800-859-0957 toll free during the show.

If you are listening over the Michigan Talk …

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Podcast Nov. 3, 2012: The Perfect Storm, Windows 8 and Future Computers

Show Notes:

The Internet Advisor Team looks back on a stormy week online and off:

  • Superstorm Sandy brings the East Coast to its knees and sharks are reported swimming in Jersey towns. Where did you go for breaking news?
  • Windows 8 Phone arrives and Windows Surface RT begins to get grudging respect.
  • Apple’s Map Flap leads to Scott Forestall’s firing and not everyone is crazy about the iPad Mini, particularly its price.

Rich Jaroslovsky, Bloomberg News analyst joins us to talk about the unfolding world of Windows 8 and its devices and to comment on the upheaval at Apple.



Mike Ammann, President/CEO, San Joaquin Partnership.  Mike is a frequent guest and a man with a vision for computers and the Internet.  What will computing look like in the near future?


Links Mentioned During the Show

Disaster Recovery for Electronic Devices: Bheestie Bags (Cal Carson)

Comparison of Siri and Google Voice Technology (Mike Ammann)

Internet Advisor Takeaway: Two websites designed to help you be an informed voter when you enter the booth on November 6, 2012. and Google Voter Information Tool


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