Podcast 1501 Jan. 3, 2015: Security, Drones, Unicorns & Innovation



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Internet Advisor Predictions 2015


Internet Advisor Predictions 2014


Hour 1:  2015 Year of the Super Hack?

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Super Hack

Richard StiennonRichard Stiennon, President of IT-Harvest is an international authority on security and a frequent contributor to the Internet Advisor.  Richard will give us his outlook on top security concerns from a global and national perspective.  Will this state sponsored hacking go from Cold War to a very Hot War with an attack on our infrastructure?

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TrustPipe Logo

TrustPipe: Personal Security for $5/Year

Ridgely EversRidgely Evers, CEO of TrustPipe reveals a new way of security your computer, servers and even hardware against the slickest attacks by hackers.  Don’t miss this conversation; it could be the difference between security and misery in 2015.

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MiTechNews Headlines

Mike BrennanMike Brennan, Editor and Host of MiTechNews

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 Hour 2: Drones & Future Forecasting

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Drones over Detroit

Social Media Predictions 2015

Emily Hay

Emily Hay , founder and CEO of HayThereSocialMedia and  our social media expert,  looks into her crystal ball and tells us what to look for in the world of social media during the next 365 days.

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California Futurist Looks at 2015

Mike AmmannMike Amman, Pres. and CEO, San Joaquin Partnership, makes his yearly appearance to blow our minds with his predictions for 2015 and beyond.  Mike promotes business within Silicon Valley in California and has his finger on the pulse of the future.


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Drone Quad

2015: It’s a bird, it’s a plane…..no they’re drones, hundreds of them!

Harry ArnoldHarry Arnold, founder and President of Detroit Drone joins us in studio to talk about the exciting world that is opening up to drones from helping fire departments to landscapers or construction projects. Drones have been around for well over a decade with hobbyists but are now on the verge of playing some very important roles in our lives.   Harry will also discuss the challenges and regulations that are keeping many drones grounded.

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 Hour 3: Innovation 2015

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Ideas become realities in Detroit…from the first mass produced car to today’s latest budding creativity struggling for notice and traction.  We call it Innovation (a new idea, product or process or the application of existing knowledge in a unique way.)

What are the inventions that will fuel 2015 and beyond?


Amanda Lewan

Dave Anderson

Amanda Lewan and Brian Davis are partners in Bamboo Detroit,a co-working space in the heart of Detroit’s Renaissance district. During this past year they have helped birth, nurture and launch a number of unique innovations in their space.  Amanda and Brian talk about the nature of their role and the innovative process that is in high gear in Detroit.

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Bamboo Detroit

Amanda, Godwin, Dave


Amanda Lewan and Dave Anderson from Bamboo Detroit discuss innovation with Godwin Ihentuge the founder of Yum Village which focuses on giving chefs an opportunity to build and grow with an audience that they are able to aggregate live data from with every dinner. By providing unique dining and social experiences, YumVillage creates new opportunities to meet new people, eat good food and foster local growth within a local economy.

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The Sweet Sound of Michigan Jam Jar

Matt Gira at Hope College in Michigan thinks Mason jars are more than hip decor. The mason jar can be a very useful container too. Matt’s company Lio Products  has invented a product while at school that makes the mason jar a tad bit sweeter, adding music to the mix.  It’s called JamJar.

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Get Up and Go Baked Goods

Chris Bogdan enjoys a cup of coffee? Maybe a baked good along with it? How about combining your usual caffeine crave into the sweet taste of a muffin or brownie? Chris is the guiding light behind the caffeinated baked good fad created by Get Up and Go has taken over the campus of the University of Michigan, and we expect them to keep delighting customers across the state. Get Up and Go Baked Goods

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