Podcast 1638: Dress Up Day, Yahoo’s Blowout, Tesla Sues Michigan and Mike Ammann Tours Facebook

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Yahoo announced this week that it had suffered a breach of 500,000 usernames and passwords….wait for it….in 2014!


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Caston ThomasCaston Thomas, The Chuck Norris of Securing & Managing Mobile & Networks, is the CEO of InterWorks Technology,  a computer and security company based in Rochester, MI. Mr. Thomas tackles questions like: Why did Yahoo wait two years?  They claim that this was a “state sponsored attack” but where is the proof?  

Listen to the conversation here:1638-yahoo-break-in-caston-thomas 


cal-headshot-9-24-16Cal Carson
, one of our tech experts, is on a mission:  He wants to see how many different devices he can connect in his home through the Internet of Things (IoT)  This could include a Nest Thermostat, LED lights, a remote control front doorbell and more!

Click Here to Listen to Cal Carson’s commentary

Project AirGig

AT&T Labs announced a potentially game changing technology called Project AirGig, a transformative technology that could one day deliver low-cost, multi-gigabit wireless internet speeds using power lines. This is not another form of BPL (Broadband Over Power Lines) a noble experiment that died an ignominious death in St. John, MI.  The key difference is that AirGid rides ON TOP of the power lines and NOT THROUGH them which means there is no fiddling with voltages etc. as Ed Rudel commented.  Listen to our brief discussion and then watch the AT&T video and try and figure out what this is all about.  AT&T thinks it could be radically changing the way we transmit and get our fiber signals in urban, rural and developing countries.  Imagine, the Irish Hills area of Michigan and parts of the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan might have real internet connections and Gladwin, MI would step fully into the 21st Century!  (Sorry Foster’s inside joke)

Click Here to Listen to the project-airgig-att discussion

Click here to watch the AT&T brief YouTube video Introducing Project AirGig

Click Here to Listen to Entire Press Conference (25 min) att-gigabit-over-powerline

Project AirGig Still Photo collection

 MiTechNews Headlines for Sept.24, 2016

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Hour 2:          Special Guests and Topics



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The second hour of our show is usually dedicated to answering listeners’ random questions called in on 800 859-0957.  This week we were preempted by MSU football coverage and paid programming that was bumped from Sunday by the Lions game.

If you want to submit a question after we are off the air, use the comment box at the bottom of this page.


paul-eisensteinPaul Eisenstein, founding editor of The Detroit Bureau, the Voice of the Automotive Industry,  gives us some insight into Tesla’s latest assault on the auto dealers’ well-protected kingdom.  Tesla has taken the challenge to a federal court which could have far reaching impact on the whole car dealer structure.


Click to listen to Paul Eisenstein-re-Tesla-suit


Mike Ammann is the President and CEO of the San Joaquin Partnership dedicated to developing business in the “other Silicon Valley”.  He is a frequent visitor to the Internet Advisor and brings a fresh perspective to the show.  He and Gary started Online Tech, the first ISP in Michigan in the mid-90’s and neither of them has slowed down since.

Mike’s comments in this show reveal the culture of the new technology through a recent visit to Facebook World HQ in Menlo Park, CA



Click Here to Listen to Mike Ammann



Check out this special TechConnect report on Best PC Laptops of 2016 for buying tips.  Go to our IA Facebook page and Click on the video link.

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    Podcast 1638: Dress Up Day, Yahoo's Blowout, Tesla Sues Michigan and Mike Ammann Tours Facebook
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