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Predictions 2016

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Predictions 2016

Mike AmmannMike Amman, President/CEO San Joaquin Partnership
It may be old hat but:
IoT internet of things combined with 3 D printing
Scaling of Electric Vehicles in the next 5 years with the demise of clean diesel
Driverless vehicles should be driver assisted vehicle – low cost sensors and camera will make operating vehicles much safer- Silicon Valley becoming a software development cluster for the worlds driverless car technology
Scaling of startups with Y-combinator, Plug & Play and 500 Startups with second round financing for companies making it through the initial start up phase
Online sales out pace in-store sales for the first time in 2016.

Gary Tux SeatedGary Baker, Co host and co-founder of Internet Advisor

Automatous (self-driving) vehicles will become closer to reality with the technology changes.  For example, there is a price drop better camera/sensor technologies and new research to use a method of mapping the precise location of the vehicle without relying solely on GPS. Together the system being developed by the University of Cambridge is called “deep learning” and helps the vehicle not only see, but learns what it is seeing.
Job market in IT will remain very strong for a number of years to come.  There are not enough skilled IT workers to fill all of the jobs available.  Cybersecurity skills and developers especially mobile developers are very hard to find.
IT budgets are continuing to increase as Information Technology becomes are bigger percentage of the costs for many industries, especially in marketing and information security.
Healthcare monitoring using wearable technologies (watches, etc.) will go mainstream in 2016.  Self-monitoring, tracking and encouraging healthy habits will be the majority of the uses, but sending that info to your physician’s staff may be coming in a limited way.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for regular consumers are now very affordable which will drive increase in their use.  Samsung’s Galaxy Gear VR, HTC’s Vive VR, Google cardboard viewers and other companies provide low cost options.

EdEd Rudel, Internet Tech Advisor

We are going to see a merge of technologies – drones with the robotic floor sweeper, the roomba.  No longer limited to just 1 dementia the drone sweeper will handle the walls and the ceiling, get those pesky cobwebs from the ceiling and wall corners.
Microsoft will extend the free windows 10 update for another 6 – 12 months and provide better tools that will diagnose, repair, and prepare the previous os prior to the win 10 upgrade.
We will see more home wireless infrastructure control and monitoring products.  Like the ” Nest”, these products will integrate home heating and cooling , lights, security, and general notification, tracking, and trend analysis on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  More products means more competition which should drive the price down.
Home owners are becoming comfortable with the whole wireless networking, smart tv’s, and smart device applet downloads and are looking for more gadgets to tie into their home network “domain”.  It will not be uncommon for a single home to have 24 to 36 devices.  Most home wireless routers can support 12 devices, including what is provided by the cable isp.  He users must upgrade the home wireless routers to a device that will meet these demands.

CalCal Carson, Internet Tech Advisor


1)   Apple TV – Apple will form an alliance with a Major provider for content for Apple TV. Not a Network but probably an alliance with NetFlix or a Comcast.

2)   Apple will produce a lower cost watch with a smaller feature set.

3)   Apple will also offer a “boot camp” version of the iPad Pro.

4)   This will be the first year in some time that Apple will not offer any “Blockbuster Innovation” this year.

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rickRick Broida, The Gadget Guy, Cheapskate, Noted Internet Columnist for CNET, Forbes and many other outlets


Talk about a “hot” product category! Sure, there are isolated issues with batteries catching fire, and people who don’t practice tend to fall off and hurt themselves. But with prices already dipping toward $200, hoverboards are going to be EVERYWHERE in 2016. I’ve got one and it’s insanely fun to ride. My only fear is that now people will walk even less, so obesity will continue to rise.


They’re not going anywhere. The question is whether any one company can craft the perfect fitness band or smartwatch. Apple, Motorola, Pebble, Sony and others have tried, but not one product has really caught on in a big way. We’ll see if the Apple has learned enough from the first-gen model to make this category a success.

The end of two-year phone contracts

AT&T just pulled the plug, and most of the other Big Four have done likewise. You’ll still end up paying roughly the same amount to rent/lease a new phone, and there will likely still be penalties if you try to jump ship early. But ultimately the accursed two-year contract is dead, meaning buyers have more freedom to switch carriers depending on who has the best deal.

Richard StiennonRichard Stiennon, Chief Analyst, IT-Harvest

My prediction for 2016:  We will begin to see autonomous attacks. As defenders get better at detecting intrusions the attackers are going to need to speed up. The blueprint already exists; Stuxnet.  In 2016 we will start to see atuomated code that infiltrates, moves laterally, and exfiltrates stolen data.
Richard and Dan Lorhman, former CISO for the state of Michigan, present a monthly podcast about security on Podcastdetroit.com.  This segment below was recorded just before the new year and includes an in depth look back at 2015 and ahead to 2016.

Shane_HamelinLargerShane Hamelin, Internet Tech Advisor, works at CompuTech Services in Sterling Heights, MI and is the owner of a new gaming podcast PWNED Detroit  on Podcastdetroit Network.

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1.) Huge price drop coming for the latest Gen Consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Early to Mid 2016, we will see a huge price drop on… Thinner, smaller size units of each console. Smaller hard drives (Game content is nearly all Cloud Based now) and slimmed down case sizes will turn these units into the entry level price point systems to make way for the generation replacements, that should be announced 2016 for a 2017 release date. Look for Microsoft to make the first move here with a much cheaper, Entertainment Only unit to compete with Apple TV and Chromecast by the end of 2016.

2.) One last try for Nintendo, towards a competitive gaming console.

It’s hard to believe for someone like myself that grew up with Super Nintendo and Mario to believe a world without a successful Nintendo unit. Well, if the next generation game system called Nintendo NX doesn’t handle it release properly, even the Mario/Zelda fan boys won’t be able to save the brand for going away permanently.

Nintendo just coming away from probably the companies worst game system release in its history, the Wiis U failure should help them realize theirmistakes and hopefully learn something about gamers.. Have HOT Exclusive title(s) for release or shortly after. Without them, no one needs to have your system, period. Could you imagine what type of releases Xbox One would have without, TitanFall or Halo? PlayStation 4 without Killzone or Uncharted? It would be a mess.. I have only one word for you Nintendo, Legend of Zelda! Or was that 3 words?

3.) Can we please say goodbye to the Virtual Reality Hype?

YES!!!! In 2016, we can finally put to bed all this VR hype and market splatter. With a majority of the gaming companies not committing enough development and tiles available to this new format, it’s going to flop and flop hard. Plus, did I say it just looks ridiculous wearing one of these units? Can you imagined the headache after using one of these units for an hour or so… I think if we are to ever really experience a true, fun VR gaming world. It’s going to need to be like in the 2014 movie “Her” written & directed by Spike Jonze. There is a VR gaming segment about half way through this movie, that hits its mark when it coming to future VR Gaming. In fact, if you’re a Future Tech guy like myself, you will see and identify with a great number of ideas for how technology and daily life should work together in this movie, some great ideas I wish companies would move towards. So, now that I’ve taken this prediction and made it a movie review, Go watch the movie “HER”.

4.) One last quick prediction, before I jump back in my time machine.. ACCESS PASSES

With large gaming companies like EA introducing “ALL YOU CAN GAME” Access passes for their titles and future demo versions of coming releases. I see this this tread expanding to a great deal more companies this 2016. As did Microsoft and Adobe did with its popular titles. Monthly access passes work for gaming as well.. $4.99 for full access to its vault of games, sneak peaks and demos with their new coming titles. You will see games released normally but instead of buying the expansion pack or add-on goodies, just join the monthly membership which will include these perks.  EA and Bethesda are both doing it now with success, so look for many more to come this 2016!

FosterFoster Braun is co host/co founder of Internet Advisor and program producer.

Virtual Reality will be the hot “Thing” this year with lots of devices showing off at CES.  However, after dabbling and just like the early 1950’s, VR will produce overpriced and under effective toys.  A lot is riding on Microsofts Hololens project becoming more of a reality.
Laptop Hybrids + smartphones will be the winning combination for computing.  This will bring about the continued slide of computer sales whether desktop or expensive laptops.  Hybrids like the Microsoft Surface Book and Apple iPad Pro will fill the higher end user gap.
IoT will dictate an Armageddon among platforms (iOS vs. Windows 10 vs. Google).  There is little or not common ground for the many devices coming out to talk with one another.  Look for the departure of many gadgets that can’t get hooked into one or the other of the three major platforms.

BrennanJacketpicMike Brennan, editor MiTechNews

Autonomous Cars in 2016?
1. Eventually, we will get to truly autonomous cars that regular people can actually buy, but it’s important to understand and appreciate the step-by-step advancements that are being made along the way. These advancements may not be as revolutionary as driverless cars, but they are the news that the automotive industry can realistically deliver on over the next 12 months. We already know Tesla has an Autopilot mode for the Model S sedan – it’s available for purchase as a software patch. However, it is not for fully autonomous driving and only works in certain conditions on the highway, not in urban areas. Volvo has a similar tech at lower speeds in traffic jams. And, Ford is planning to work with Google to make an autonomous car. Experts predict we’ll see the first fully autonomous car, probably debuting as a limited test in a city like Las Vegas but still capable of full control.

Virtual Reality To Become Big Player In 2016
2. Oculus will become a household word in 2016. There’s already a product on the market that uses Oculus tech called the Samsung Gear VR headset, and virtual reality is poised to become a major hit. But the computer version of Oculus Rift will finally see the light of day in 2016. It will power much more advanced games and make your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 look like old-school consoles.

Mobile Video Consumption To Grow 5 Fold 
3. Daily time spent watching online video across 40 key markets will grow 19.8 percent next year, with mobile video consumption growing at roughly 5 times the rate of non-mobile devices, according to one forecast. In fact, the forecast calls for mobile to account for 52.7 percent of online video consumption in 2016.
Meanwhile, the growth in the number of regular online video viewers across those 40 markets is expected to be in the 6 percent range annually through 2017. By contrast, the number of regular linear TV viewers is expected to shrink by about 2 percent next year.

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