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Podcast 1344 Nov. 9, 2013: Three Hour Special

Internet Advisor Special Broadcast

Hour 1:


Gaylord College Student Wins AT&T App Contest:

Aaron CrawfisAaron Crawfis may have struck gold when he developed a simple locator app for himself and his friends.  The freshman at Notre Dame University impressed AT&T gave him the prize for best app and the sky is the limit.  The app is called Beacon and it is being tested for release after Thanksgiving.


NASA busted again!: CyberSecurity Issues in the News

Richard StiennonRichard Stiennon, Executive Editor,  securitycurrent, noted author (Cyber Styletto and SCADA and Me), analyst and international security consultant joins us again to sort out a blizzard of security headlines that have cropped up.  Where is this mess with the NSA heading?  Isn’t every national government that can spying on each other?  Richard has also published a unique book for “kids and management” called SCADA and Me  written by Robert E. Lee.

Hour 2:


MS Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

Jerry CarlsonJerry Carlson, reigning Device Ninja the  Microsoft Heartland District, focuses his time on helping his customers with innovative business solutions, like Ford SYNC, Ford WORKS and other in-vehicle technologies.  Jerry will walk us through the new MS Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

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11 Ways to Fight Android's Data-Sucking Data Demons

AT&T’s Data Stick Up

I got Samsung Express (Android) phone from AT&T for my wife  because it was nearly impossible to read the small screen on her feature phone.  Time to step up in the world except, thanks to Android and AT&T, we stepped into Android Data Death Trap.

I thought I had done everything to shut down data-sucking apps like ESPN because the hockey season was over and Ginny wouldn’t Jones until the leaves fell again. Surprise, surprise…I just paid over $200 for our combined AT&T bill because she had inadvertently gone over her 350MB cap.  How?  Actually she didn’t, an app running in the background did and AT&T merrily nailed us for $20 for the overage.

Fighting Android’s hidden data-sucking demons

As a public service I am publishing this great article about stopping Android’s runaway data consumption.   Don’t let the Telco’s steal your hard earned dollars without a fight by using the 11 tips in this story.  Meanwhile, I’m thinking of reinstalling the Princess Phone on an old POTS line.

Foster Braun

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Podcast Oct. 13, 2012 AT&T Expands and Start up TV

Show Notes:

AT&T Expands Service Across Michigan: Jermaine Spight, Sr. PR Manager joins the Internet Advisors to explain the growth and higher speeds being offered throughout Michigan by AT&T.
CitizenTekk: Your Voice in Technology: Elizabeth (Beth) Kindig shares about a news website for start ups.  Now the next wave of entrepreneurs have their own news outlet. It’s like watching the future of the Internet unfolding.


The Internet Advisor team will also discuss the week’s top digital headlines: Facebook hitting 1 Billion users and whether the PC is dead or dying. In the second  hour we tackle your email questions and get some answers.

Sites mentioned on the show:

Microsoft Security Essentials:  Excellent free suite of protection from Microsoft that works best with Windows 7 and beyond. This is one of many good sites to check out the memory on your machine and will tell you how much memory you can use and where to get it.

MalwareBytes: Great free malware hunter that should be on your computer along with an extra browser to troubleshoot Internet connections.


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AT&T Customer Service Worst for 2nd Year

If you are an AT&T customer this may not be breaking news. Consumer Reports has once again named AT&T as the very worst communication company for customer service. Consider the irony of the fact that AT&T is fighting the FCC ruling that it can’t gobble up T-Mobile which has been noted as one of the BEST customer service communication companies!

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AT&T Launches First 4G LTE Networks

Without much fanfare, the number two cell carrier in the nation announced that it is launching its first 4G LTE networks in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio.  AT&T has been scrambling to catch up to Verizon, T-Mobile…well, just about everybody else in the telcom world!  Don’t expect any blazing speeds yet partly because no one is quite sure what 4G means!

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Podcast: June 26, 2010

Summer is a summer camp time… so why not a tech camp?  This Saturday we preview: Camp Infiniti, a summer camp designed specifically for Metro-Detroit girls by the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation.  The girls will be challenged to design websites and conduct a robot sumo competition this coming week.

Join Foster Braun, Gary Baker and Kurt Hines, our special guest tech expert, as we interview Julie Patterson, Camp Director of Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation’s Camp Infinity for the past 5 years, and Marina Reyna who can talk about the camp and speak to why technology is so important for young females.

We also focus on high tech security with Jason Yaeger, from Online Tech and Adam Goslin one of the co-founders of High Bit Security, a company that specializes in helping companies keep their information safe from intruders.  These are the folks who make sure that your information stays safe in other peoples’ hands.

Erik Anderson joins us in studio with The Mac Minute.

Don’t forget, the second hour of the show is all yours.  Call us with your tech questions and we’ll find answers for you. In …

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