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Podcast: June 26, 2010

Summer is a summer camp time… so why not a tech camp?  This Saturday we preview: Camp Infiniti, a summer camp designed specifically for Metro-Detroit girls by the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation.  The girls will be challenged to design websites and conduct a robot sumo competition this coming week.

Join Foster Braun, Gary Baker and Kurt Hines, our special guest tech expert, as we interview Julie Patterson, Camp Director of Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation’s Camp Infinity for the past 5 years, and Marina Reyna who can talk about the camp and speak to why technology is so important for young females.

We also focus on high tech security with Jason Yaeger, from Online Tech and Adam Goslin one of the co-founders of High Bit Security, a company that specializes in helping companies keep their information safe from intruders.  These are the folks who make sure that your information stays safe in other peoples’ hands.

Erik Anderson joins us in studio with The Mac Minute.

Don’t forget, the second hour of the show is all yours.  Call us with your tech questions and we’ll find answers for you. In …

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Podcast: June 19, 2010

Recently one of the guys noted that we haven’t heard women’s perspectives on tech themes in a while and this weekend we intend to take a step toward remedying that oversight.  This week, Gary Baker, Ed Rudel and Cal Carson welcome Rachel Kelly, a specialist in Social Networking and Meaghan McCann who is an expert in AdWords/AdSense.  Both of these ladies are associates of Vince Chmielewski, our frequent tech contributor and web site designer.  Rachel shows us how to use tools like Facebook and Linked-in to increase your outreach while Meaghan talks about the nuts and bolts of making a website work for you. 

Also with us this week is Ron Stefanski, Captain of Tres Joli, a 38’ Beneteau sailboat. Ron tells how he used Facebook to keep his friends informed, in real time, of his adventures last week as he sailed from Lake Charlevoix around the mitten of Michigan to Toledo Beach in Lake Erie.  He describes it as seeing Michigan at five miles per hour.  Some friends even got on harbor webcams for a live view of the skipper and his crew as they prepare to disembark on the next segment of this journey.   …

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World Cup 2010…There's an App for that!

ESPN World Cup

I don’t know how many of you are soccer fans but I am a fanatic. I played a little in college and have grandchildren who are very good at it.  I would rather watch a 0-0 soccer match like France vs. Uruguay on Friday than most other American sports except perhaps hockey because my wife is a fanatical Red Wing supporter and we have only one TV.  Let there be peace on earth. ;-b

The point of all this rambling is that if you have an iPhone there is a free iPhone app from ESPN that will let you follow the scores at the World Cup in S. Africa and, for just $7.99 more, will give you a ton of streaming video and other extras.  So you can imagine where my money went today!  If you love soccer, the World Cup matches in South Africa are a month of heavenly competitions where the underdogs can often surprise the best teams (viz. China 1 vs. France in a “friendly” match just before the Cup began.)  The whole world is watching…join in and cheer for the U.S. vs. England today and follow there progress on this iPhone app.

Hoping to be with

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Podcast June 12, 2010

Ed Rudel and Cal Carson host this week as they take your technology related calls during open lines for a full two hours.  Don’t miss Erik Anderson’s Mac Minute for commentary on the new iPhone 4.0 released just this week.  Gary Baker has the night off to celebrate the graduation from high school of his lovely daughter Lauren who is also our Teen Tech Advisor (new title coming soon)  Congratulations Lauren Baker!

Podcast: June 12, 2010 – Hour 1
Podcast: June 12, 2010 – Hour 2

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Congratulations Lauren Baker

This coming Saturday Gary Baker will miss the show for a very good reason.  He and his family will celebrate the graduation from high school of his oldest child, Lauren, who just also happens to be our Teen Tech Advisor (we will have to search for a much more sophisticated title in the near future!  LOL)  Lauren has been a part of the Internet Advisor for most of he 13 years we have been on the air.  She started when she was 5 showing off the website she and her dad had created and since then has helped older computer users with things like texting and all the shorthand that youngsters use to communicate online and now on phones!  We who have known Lauren over these years share the pride that Gary and his family feel for the lovely young woman who Lauren has become through these years: an excellent student, an above average golfer and a beautiful young woman.

Congratulations Lauren and good luck at the U of M in the fall as follow in your father’s illustrious footsteps.

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The New Apple iPhone Released

Even Apple computer haters have to admit to intense curiosity when Steve Jobs trots out a new device or, as in this case, a rather remarkably updated version of an already popular Apple device.  Monday, June 14, the president and guiding light behind Apple unveiled the newest version of the world’s arguably most popular smart phone: iPhone 4.  Check out the full coverage (blow by blow) of the press conference at CNET or if you are looking for a shorter analysis try this MSNBC commentary.

You may also be sure that Erik Anderson will have his hands full trying to contain the commentary on The Mac Minute to 60 seconds, more or less  LOL!

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