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Ed Rudel's Excellent Disaster Relief Checklist

2012 EdEd Rudel
The Internet Advisor 11-23-13


– DTE has a smartphone app and Consumers Energy has a web site (come on, get with the times)
– Flashlight
– Weather tracker app
– Hotel finder apps
– Bank or credit union application (transfer funds to a family member)
– Insurance claim apps
– Locate my family (GPS based?)
– American Red Cross has 2 apps – Tornado and First Aid

Even something as simple as storing all of your local emergency contacts (local police and Fire), utility companies, and neighbors phone numbers.

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Mike Wendland Offers 3 Great FREE apps for Mom

Our friend and local tech authority Mike Wendland wants you to help mom get a handle on her busy life with three great, free apps for mobile devices. These time saving and organizational applications will help every soccer mom sane as she wrangles the little critters between sports.  Mike is a national commentator for NBC News and publishes his own excellent blog at

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Podcast: March 3, 2012


Show Notes

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The top 15 innovative mobile apps to watch in 2011

Taken from CIO magazine.  These are the apps to watch as various tablet platforms take off this year.

Gary Baker

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IA Tech Roundtable #9 12/26/10

Click here for: IA Tech Roundtable #9 (approx 40 Min.)

2010 Tech Review Show Notes:

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New iPhone App Tells You Where Your Product Is…in the Store!

No this isn’t just about finding the right store in the city where they sell what you want.  This is about arriving at select stores and having an iPhone app that will tell you the precise shelf in the store where the product is located.  This is be a boon for late shopping husbands and boyfriends who HAVE to get a certain gift.  Full Story

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Municipalities Buy iPads to Save on Paper

The iPad has primarily been recognized as a consumer media device and not as a business tool.   That is slowly changing as people in all walks of life are finding ways of using their iPads in their daily pursuits.  One such case could save a small town nearly $18,000 in paper costs.  Read full story in USA Today.

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Companies doing business on the iPad

Who says the iPad is just a consumer fad?  Businesses are finding ways of using this computing platform to get work done more efficiently and perhaps kill a few less trees.  Full story

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US Government Releases 17 Mobile Apps has a ton of free mobile apps that give information about product recalls, most-wanted criminals and other federal government information and services.  Most of these tools use data from interactive websites optimized to work well in “microbrowsers,” the small-size, limited-functionality web browsers that come with many mobile phones. CNN Report

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