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Podcast May 26, 2012: Introducing IA Gadget Guy Rick Broida

Show Notes:

Introducing the Internet Advisor’s Gadget Guy: Rick Broida, Blogger, Tech Commentator and Cheapskate.  Rick will provide monthly specials on the gadgets we love or will do so soon as he tells us about them.  As a bonus, each time Rick appears on the show he will have a bargain to share with you. Cutting the cord: This month Rick will discuss kicking the cable habit and going strictly with broadband connection for TV programs.  What equipment, programs, subscriptions will you need?  What is the downside?  Is this really feasible?

Rick’s Pick: NetTalk Duo WiFi Cut the cord on your phone company and make free calls to the U.S. and Canada and ultra low-cost international calls, from anywhere in the world, with no contracts or monthly bills.

Are You A Human: Detroit based software company co-founded by Reid Tatoris created PlayThru, an innovative game-based human authentication tool, designed to replace frustrating, distorted text CAPTCHAs.

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Cutting the Cord: Resources by Rick Broida

Rick Broida, The Gadget Guy has provided us with a list of resources for Cutting the Cord/Kicking the Cable Habit.  Refer to these when listening to the podcast for the May 26, 2012 show or to do your own investigation.

TV/movie services:

Useful gear:

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Announcing the Gadget Guy: Rick Broida

Rick Broida: Writer • Blogger • Tech Geek is now the Internet Advisor Gadget Guy.  Rick will bring us special gadget news and bargains once a month on the show.  Get to know Rick through some of his other blogs.

Check The Cheapskate for the best deals on tech.

Read The Tech-pert for gadget reviews and buying advice.

Try iPhone Atlas for iPhone tips, news, and reviews.

And learn to solve your PC hassles at Hassle-Free PC.

Rick Broida has written about technology for more than 20 years. The author of more than a dozen books, he currently pens the popular Cheapskate and iPhone Atlas blogs for CNET. He also writes for PC World, Popular Science,, and Wired.

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Podcast May 19, 2012: Listener Call in Special

We’re all ears, waiting to hear from  you!

This entire show is dedicated to answering listeners calls.  Our motto: “The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!”  Our full staff of tech experts is on hand to help:

  • Gary Baker, Internet Advisor co-founder and noted IT expert (CIO for SME), familiar with PC’s, networks and business applications.
  • Ed Rudel, long time white hat hacker, inveterate tinkerer (started early tearing clocks apart) familiar with PC’s, networks and Linux. Ed is currently an executive trouble shooter for HP in Detroit.
  • Foster Braun, co-founder of the Internet Advisor, show host, using PC’s since 1988, switched to MacBook Pro in 2008, “voice of the common user” frequently translating for the non-Geeks or explaining how he ruined his most recent computer!

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T-Mobile Announces No Contract Broadband Accounts

The number three player in the cell phone market is looking to shake up the scene with a tempting offer. The pay-in-advance, overage-free solution that offers an allotment of mobile data, makes it possible for customers to choose a pass that best fits their data needs without committing to a two-year contract. Full story

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Mixed Messages: Facebook Opening on the Stock Market

It was going to be bigger than the Mayan calendar event or it was going to be a complete failure.  We are talking about Friday’s Initial Public Offering of Facebook stock on the New York Stock Exchange.  After a day of mishaps and a slight surge, FB shares ended a few cents above the IPO price of $38.  Was this good for a first day or bad...the messages are mixed.

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Facebook Prepares for $100 Billion IPO

Facebook is scheduled to be valued at $100 Billion in stocks making it the second biggest IPO in history just behind search giant Google. This is remarkable when you think that the world’s current leading social media network was launched only eight years ago in Mark Zuckerberg‘s college dorm room. The company earned $1 billion last year, up 65% from the prior year and revenue is projected to rise 65% to $6.1 billion this year. Full Story

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Emily Hay: Female Bloggers Blossom

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Today’s blog was prepared for the Internet Advisors show on WJR 760AM and on the Michigan Radio Network. You can access podcasts from themedia section of our site with content from Emily A. Hay, the show’s Social Media Contributor.

Hay There, Moms! For Mother’s Day weekend, we are celebrating some women who are passionate about social media, communicating and family.These days, passions like these can be channeled very effectively through a blog.Being a mom is not a requirement to be an exceptional female blogger; however, great bloggers are resourceful, in tune to their audience and they find a number of new and different ways to get their valuable messages out. Sounds like bloggers and parents have a lot in common!

Many female bloggers are strong communicators; they may also be sharp marketers, journalists, educators, PR professionals, and/or business owners. Today, we turn to the internet to not only find information, but to share ideas with our peers, to build friendships and establish networks on a personal and professional level. Social media savvy gals can lead significant initiatives both online and offline and even find time to

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Granny Gets Her Smartphone!

The huge cell phone convention CTIA in New Orleans is finally over leaving most more confused than convinced about their next device. Amid a blizzard of smartphones, the Doro PhoneEasy 740, may stand out as a truly new segment buster.  The thickish Swedish device is chock full of features focused at the swelling tide of 75 million Boomers and may just be your very hip Granny’s Smartphone.

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Look Out: New "Ransomware" on the Loose

New malware strain locks up computers unless ransom is paid.  A type of “ransomware” hitting users across Europe demands payment for alleged copyright violations, according to a Swiss security blog.


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