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Cyber Security on a Crash Course with Cyber Warfare

Richard Stiennon, a noted security expert and frequent guest on the Internet Advisor is concerned about some of the  consequences of the alleged development of the Stuxnet virus by the US high command.  In Operation Olympic Games, Project X, and the assault on the IT security industry, Stiennon expressed his concern that:

The use of cyber weapons is going to pit the US military and intelligence community against the IT security industry.

Now companies like F-Secure and Symantec will have to  come up with solid defenses against these kinds of attacks putting them on a collision course with US advanced defense system.

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Allegations of Secret US Cyber Warfare Shake the World

On June 1 David Sanger published an article in the New York Times titled Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran allegedly uncovering a long history of aggressive American cyber offensives that began during the Bush era after the turn of the century.  While the White House is being tight-lipped, commentary and speculations are running wild around the globe.  This is the story that is still sending shockwaves throughout the US, its allies and it enemies.

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Podcast June 9, 2012 Stuxnet: America's Cyber War Offensive?

Show Notes:

A whole new species of aggressive software is waging cyber war around the world.  The week of June 4th allegations were published that President Obama’s administration approved the unleashing of Stuxnet which targeted Iranian nuclear facilities with incredible precision.  Fact or Internet Myth?  On this show with the help of two experts we explore the possibilities of America’s role in this new type of global warfare.

Richard Stiennon, frequent IA guest and security expert and industry analyst, is known for shaking up the industry and insightful commentary like his recent Forbes column on Olympic Games, the code name for America’s cyber warfare initiative. He recently relaunched the security blog and is the co-author of Cyber Styletto, a novel dramatizing the next field of mortal combat.

Gen.(ret) Michael V. Hayden

  • Director, Central Intelligence Agency (2006 – 2009)
  • First Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence (2005 – 2008)
  • Director, National Security Agency (1999 – 2005)
  • As Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, General Hayden was responsible for overseeing the collection of information concerning the plans, intentions and capabilities of America’s adversaries; producing timely analysis for decision makers; and conducting covert operations to thwart terrorists and other …

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    IA Tech Roundtable #9 12/26/10

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    2010 Tech Review Show Notes:

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    IA Tech Roundtable #7, Nov. 29, 2010

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    This week’s roundtable features a frequent guest and fresh voice, Kurt Hines of VC Webdesign .
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