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IA Tech Roundtable #7, Nov. 29, 2010

Cick here to listen to IA Tech Roundtable 7 (46 min) or right click to download.

This week’s roundtable features a frequent guest and fresh voice, Kurt Hines of VC Webdesign .
Show Notes:


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Acer Unveils Awesome Line Up of Computers

One of my first computers was an Acer and this line up has me looking over my shoulder again.  Acer’s incredibly diverse line up of everything from 7 inch tablets to a laptop with two touch screens may turn Black Friday into a technological Fourth of July! Full Story

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Internet Advisor Tech Roundtable #6 Nov. 22, 2010

Click here for: IA Tech Roundtable 6 (approx 35 min)

Click here for: IA Tech Roundtable 6 (approx 35 min)

(Note: Apologies for less than stellar audio.  I was experimenting with a new form of Skype on my Windows PC using the webcam mike.  Next week will be improved.  Thanks for your patience. Foster Braun)

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Skype 5.0 for Mac Big and Buggy ;-(

Skype has made a complete overhaul of its interface for Apple products and added a new look that fits the Mac OS better but there are lots of complaints about the amount of screen real estate that the Skype interface takes up.  Ecamm did release an updated Recorder software but even they warn not to try and record anything important until Skype gets the bugs out.  Remember this is a Beta version and I have run into frequent problems requiring a complete reboot.    Foster Braun

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Facebook Adds New Messaging System

It isn’t quite email, but Facebook thinks that its new messaging system, Titan, is the wave of the future for digital messaging and considering that they now daily host over 375 million message/day, they could change the way we communicate.  Don’t think that those of us who use email will necessarily give up our current clients to flock to FB but Mr. Zuckerberg is confident that texting teenyboppers will.  Here is a great explanation of the system by Rafe Needleman from CNET.

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A New Twitter is Coming!

What could it be?!  Click more and watch the YouTube preview.

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Podcast: November 13, 2010

The gang was back with a special extended show which included:


Terry Cross, Founder of Windward Associates and Chairman of the Michigan Emerging Executive Board shares about Michigan Emerging, a conference designed to promote and connect innovators and entrepreneurs and the support system that exists only in Michigan.   Michigan Emerging has been chosen as one of ten featured events in the nation for Global Entrepreneurship Week. During the week of November 15-21, over 30,000 events will take place across the nation to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit — and Michigan Emerging is the only featured event in Michigan.

Steve Sadler, a frequent guest, will be sharing about his new book Exposure to Closure .  Steve began Scate to help e-learning and then found that there was a huge field called “social media”  and that his tools would work so well there.

Erik “Mac Man” Anderson (couldn’t keep calling him “Mac Boy” forever!) will report on Apple’s huge patch release and other items this week and he will share about using his iPhone’s camera to make transactions with Chase Bank.

Two full hours of taking your calls and getting answers for your computer problems.  

Podcast: Michigan Emerging

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Apple Releases Massive OS X Update

Apple released a monstrous package of fixes for 134 vulnerabilities in OS X 10 (Snow Leopard) software. To put this in perspective, Microsoft, which release a monthly package of fixes would have to combine the last six months to come close. Someone at MS is having a little chuckle and Mac users better wipe that smug grin off their faces. I’d love to see the Apple vs Microsoft ad for this one! LOL

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Thank you to all who have served in our Armed Services!


We salute all who have selflessly served their country and ensured the freedom we enjoy today!

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IA Tech Roundtable #5 11/07/10

Click Here to Listen IA Tech Roundtable 5

Show notes:

Click Here to Listen IA Tech Roundtable 5

Microsoft Security Center Report

Special Interview: Microsoft Security Report

Foster Braun interviews Dave Sawyer, Technical Director, Heartland Microsoft Technology Center on the Security Intelligence Report (SIR)

Click here to listen: Dave Sawyer MS SIR

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