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Virgin Mobil Pre-paid iPhone just $30/mo as of June 29, 2012

Huge announcement Friday, June 29.  Look out AT&T and Verizon, Apple’s popular iPhone 4 and 4S are now on the loose with pre-paid plans for as little as $30/month.  Read the fine print carefully but this offer from Virgin Mobil (Sprint’s subsidiary) is a big one.  If your phone works well on Spring right now, it will be just the same on Virgin.  On the June 30 Internet Advisor show, Rick Broida, our Gadget Guru will share all the details.

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Google Nexus Q

Google has been desperate to get into your living room and hasn’t done too well so far with TV.  Looks like another swing and a miss with the Magic Cubelike Nexus Q entertainment device.

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Google Glasses

It’s glasses, it’s a computer, it’s a digital camera/video…no…It’s Google Glasses! Google started their I/O Conference in San Francisco this week with a dramatic entrance including skye divers, BMX bikers jumping off of buildings, a human fly and a wild video demo of what could be a future pair of your glasses, and computer.

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Podcast June 30, 2012: Gadgets Galore with Rick Broida

All Gadget Show with Internet Advisor Gadget Guy  and CNET blogger Rick Broida.

Show Notes:

  • No contract iPhones Cricket and Virgin Mobile
  • Google 7 Nexus TabletQGlassesChrome for iOS
  • Microsoft Tablets and WP8

Gadget Guy Exclusive Bargain of the Week: TruConnect MiFi, which will be $74 with coupon code CNET2012. That’s $25 off. This is cool because there’s no contract, and you pay for data as you use it.

Internet Advisor Takeaway: Kingsoft Office FreeMS Office Alternative (Rick Broida)


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Look Out World Here Comes Surface

With all the hype that Hollywood could muster, Monday, June 18,  Microsoft announced that it is launching its own line of tablets called Surface in two basic flavors: 1) a tablet that will compete with the current crop of consumer devices led by the iPad and other Android tablets. 2) A gustier “tablet” with a uniquely responsive keyboard/cover that will run with the ultrabooks and the likes of the MacBook Air.

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Windows Phone 8

Batten down the hatches.  Microsoft looks like it is betting the farm on this hand.  The week of June 17 not only saw the unveiling of Redmond’s new class of tablets but also the entrance of Windows Phone 8 Looks like the newest things about the phone will be under the hood, but incompatible with past Windows Phones?!?!  Are they trying to kill Nokia?!

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Podcast June 23, 2012: Microsoft Tablet "Surfaces"

Show Notes:

Tablet Breaks the Surface: Mike Wendland, NBC Tech commentator, better known as PC Mike and our long time friend, gives his analysis of Microsoft’s big annnouncement this week in Los Angeles of their new line of tablets called Surface.


Battling Internet Fraud and Online Account Takeover: Dug Song Dug is co-founder & CEO at Duo Security, a startup solving online fraud and account takeover. Dug is also a co-founder of Tech Brewery a grassroots tech incubator based in Ann Arbor, MI



Internet Advisor Takeaway: Songza a free music streaming service first mentioned by our Gadget Guy Rick Broida.

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Social TV: See it Tweet it!

When TVs first came out, they gave us the revolutionary ability to experience something that we weren’t able encounter in-person.  Broadcasts today bring us virtually everywhere from daily happenings in own neighborhoods to sporting events and political happenings around the world.  It seemed as though the only way we consumed up-to-the minute activity was by way of TV…but times they are a changin’.  Full Article

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Shane's Best Tech Gifts for Dad Under $100

1.)    Pre Order Game: Guild Wars 2

2.)    Tiger Woods 2013

3.)    APPLE TV

4.)    Logitech’s Harmony 650 Master Remote

5.)    Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110


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