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Amazon Fire or Fizzle?

Amazon Fire Phone

Just a collection of gimmicks on a top end smartphone?  It better be more than that or Jeff Bezos and Amazon have gambled too much too late.  On the other hand Jeff is used to let it all ride on a single roll and coming up a winner.  The secret seems to be that he is willing to lose $$$$ up front in order gain a loyal (hooked on Prime) customer later.

Foster Braun



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Ed Rudel's Excellent Disaster Relief Checklist

2012 EdEd Rudel
The Internet Advisor 11-23-13


– DTE has a smartphone app and Consumers Energy has a web site (come on, get with the times)
– Flashlight
– Weather tracker app
– Hotel finder apps
– Bank or credit union application (transfer funds to a family member)
– Insurance claim apps
– Locate my family (GPS based?)
– American Red Cross has 2 apps – Tornado and First Aid

Even something as simple as storing all of your local emergency contacts (local police and Fire), utility companies, and neighbors phone numbers.

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Podcast 3/23/13: Frankenphone and Hotmail Mess


Show Notes:


Apple commentator Andy Inhatko created a storm among Apple fanboys when he wrote: Why I am switching from iPhone to Android.  Heresy!  Cool people just never do this! (Read heavy irony).  But seriously, how do you chose the best platform for you.  Our panel will discuss the pro’s and con’s of each system to help you decide.

  • Foster Braun has used Windows Phone 7, Nokia 900 exclusively for the last 8 months. Still has an iPhone
  • Ed Rudel is pure pragmatist.  He’ll use whatever the company (GM) gives him which currently is Android.
  • Cal Carson is our representative of the enlightened Apple super user. iPhone for him, what else?

Hotmail…Hot Mess

Microsoft has been migrating users from their legacy Hotmail system to Outlook’s new look.  Long time users are outraged. What can you do about this and is the change all bad?

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector.


Hour 2: Answering Listener Questions.

Email  your questions to us by going to the Contact Us button on our home page.  It’s

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Granny Gets Her Smartphone!

The huge cell phone convention CTIA in New Orleans is finally over leaving most more confused than convinced about their next device. Amid a blizzard of smartphones, the Doro PhoneEasy 740, may stand out as a truly new segment buster.  The thickish Swedish device is chock full of features focused at the swelling tide of 75 million Boomers and may just be your very hip Granny’s Smartphone.

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HP Unveils Three Devices Running webOS

HP unveiled three new devices to challenge the smartphone and tablets that are already on the market with a new operating system: webOS.  Is this too little, too late or could webOS be their secret sauce.

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TV Maker Gets into Tablet and Smartphone Business

Vizio is best known for its TV’s but recent publicity may mean that they plan on jumping into the tablet wars of 2011.  The tablet and smartphone shown in the article will be unveiled at the upcoming CES.

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