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Finally A Good Use for Touch ID:1Password


By Jason D. O’Grady for The Apple Core |

At WWDC14 Apple announced that it was opening up Touch ID to all developers.AgileBits, developer popular password vault 1Password, has demonstrated several promising new applications of the biometric fingerprint sensor built into the home button on the iPhone 5s.

In a blog post and accompanying video, AgileBits shows how Touch ID can be used to:

  1. unlock the 1Password app (replacing the master password)
  2. enter passwords in Safari (via the 1Password browser extension), and
  3. enter login credentials into third-party iOS apps (via the 1Password app extension)

Make no mistake about it, this is revolutionary. These three features alone make Touch ID a viable and powerful security technology, a generation ahead of the anemic unlock code and App Store purchases that Touch ID is limited to today.

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Podcast April 26, 2014: Taking Tech's Temp & Password Managers

laptop in chains

Show Notes:

Hour 1

Taking Tech’s Temp: Quarterly Reports for Apple and Microsoft Hold Surprises

iPadsWhat happened to iPad sales?  Is Microsoft rebounding fast enough to survive?

Apple Q2

Microsoft Q3

Facebook Q1



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PadlockThe ABC’s of Password Managers

What kinds are there? How do the work? Do you have to pay for them?  What are the best?

The Best Password Managers: Neil J. Rubenking

 Password Managers: Mike Wendland

Six Great Password Managers: Neil J. Rubenking, 2011

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MiTechNews Report


The MiTechNews Report is a weekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and  publisher of which focuses on technology headlines and the impact of our tate’s growing high tech sector.

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Hour 2        Answering Listener Questions:    800-859-0957

Join the conversation with your questions during this live segment and benefit from years of tech troubleshooting expertise. REMEMBER: The only dumb question….is the one you don’t ask! 

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The Usability of Passwords

Danish blogger Thomas Baekdel posted a fascinating article on how using simpler passwords is actually much safer than using complex ones that are  hard to remember.  The crew will discuss this during the opening segment of the 4/30/11 Show.

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The Do's and Dont's of Creating Strong Passwords

This article will outline some of the basics of setting up strong passwords that won’t be easily broken by hackers.  That doesn’t mean that they are unbreakable, but it does mean that it will take a hacker a little longer to try and crack it and that means wasted time for them.  You become a less desirable target as they quickly move on, in most cases, to try and find easily cracked passwords.  Take some time to look this list over and print it out for your future reference and/or pass it on to friends. Do’s and Dont’s of Password creation.

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