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Podcast 2109 – The Mighty Has Fallen.

Hear the tale of the I A Project of the Month, upgrading a 2015 27″ iMac and the perils that have ensued. The project of the month is still ongoing. We will also be talking about how identify companies can help you if you are a victim of identity theft. Mike Brennan and MI Tech News.

“Behind the Speakers” produced by Ed Rudel in the “Shed Studios”.

Links to places I have bought products for iMac Upgrade

For Drive temp sensor and adhesive strips –

For SSD Hard Drive –

For LCD replacement Panel

Shop Ebay for Best Price on a Apple-iMac-27-inch-5K-Retina-Display-LCD-LM270QQ1-SDC1-PN-661-07323-Model-2017/284177791421…

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Podcast 2108 – Welcome to Cheapskate Hall of Fame.

Rick Broida, senior editor with CNet, has established the Cheapskate Hall of Fame in the tech world. Rick will join us and talk about the hall. We will also let you know how to get started in investing in Crypto currency with the Robinhood app. Ed will fill us in on the latest update on a popular password manager that is making changes and of course, Mike Brennan and MI Tech News to top it off.

Look…up in the sky…. What evil lurks in the hearts of men…. Hi Ho Silver!!!

Looking for some entertainment that will take you back in time. Check out the Rosedale Community Players as they perform a rendition of a popular radio play “The Maltese Falcon”. It will debut on Friday, February 25, 2021. click the link below for details. Pop some popcorn and check it out.

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Podcast 2107 – Comcast “Rises” to assist the BIPOC Community

Join Gary and Cal as we speak with Michelle Gilbert, Vice President Public Relations, Comcast Cable Heartland Region on how Comcast is committed to support BIPOC businesses in several major cities in the US including Detroit. Find if you qualify and apply for grants to enhance your business.

Here is the link for more on Comcast BIPOC support and apply for up to $10,000 grant.

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Podcast 2106 – Happy 23rd Anniversary!

23 years of the Internet Advisor show. Starting with Foster and Gary and then later joined by Ed Rudel. From dialup modems to WiFi thermostat dials, the Internet Advisor has been here to serve you, the listener. Join us for a month of retrospective on the show.

This week’s show is abbreviated due to MSU Basketball – Go Spartans!

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Podcast 2105 – Savvy Seniors create site for Covid-19 Vaccinations

Join us for information that ED has gathered for Senior 65 and older to get “inline – online” for Covid-19 vaccinations. iOS 14 has some security flaws you should be aware of and patch now. Of course we will have your calls and Mike Brennan with MI Tech News.

and of course our “Behind the Speakers” look, produced by Ed Rudel.

Links to info that was discussed on the show

California group creates website to help seniors find COVID-19

Oklahoma Man Creates Website To Notify Residents Of Available Vaccine Appointments

Oklahoma Area

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Podcast 2104 – Just talking tech.

Join Ed, Gary, and Cal as we talk tech about legacy hardware PCMCIA cards. Low cost VPN for individuals. The best ways to check for that IRS Stimulus payment if you have not received it. We will also have Mike Brennan with MITech News as well.

If you enjoy the audio you’ll love the video with ED’s “Behind the Speakers” video. Produced in the “Shed Studio”

Here are some links to subjects we discussed on the show.

Check on that stimulus check status

or check

Looking for choices in personal VPN services.

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Podcast 2103 – CES – What’s New in Tech – Our Guest this week John Mitchell, president and CEO of IPC international.

Join us for conversation on some of the many new innovations that have been announce at CES this past week with our guest John Mitchell CEO of IPC. Ed and Gary will add their findings as well. We will also be brought up to date with Mike Brennan of MI Tech news.

Here’s the “Behind The Speakers” look at this show brought to you by Ed Rudel from the “Shed Studio”

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Podcast 2102 – We the Internet Advisor and we are here to help!

Welcome to 2021 and we are LIVE again on WJR. Join us and call us with your questions. We will be talking with Ed and Gary about the effects of Internet Communications on the world today. Does Apple have an “iCar” coming in 2024? We will also have Mike Brennan with MI Tech news as well.

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Podcast 2101 – Happy New Year!!!!!

It is so great to be starting a new year. 2020 was a challenge and although the challenge is not over, we look forward to 2021 with renewed hope and enthusiasm . With the New Year, we will be doing our yearly tech predictions for the upcoming year. Join Gary, Ed, and Cal for their prognostications and of course we will have Mike Brennan from MI Tech News.

Click below for our “Behind the Speakers” zoom cast produced by Ed Rudel

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