Podcast 2145 – Windows 11 Download? iOS Exploit revealed. Earlier Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is getting closer and more sales are starting sooner. Listen for tech that we have discovered for Black Friday sales. Windows 11 … you can download it now but should you. Do you want to be on the bleeding ….Leading edge??? iOS had an exploit revealed by Google and Apple has closed it. Understand why it’s good to keep your devices up to date with patches. Mike Brennan and MI Tech News, this week, on the show.





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How to Download and Install Windows 11 From an ISO File

You can download Windows 11 as an ISO file, then directly install it, burn it onto a disc, or copy it to a USB drive.

Those of you interested in taking the current Insiders preview edition of Windows 11 for a test drive can easily work with the new operating system via an ISO file. Having such a file gives you the flexibility to install the OS anywhere you like—a dedicated PC, a dual-boot system, or a virtual machine. Now that Microsoft has finally released an ISO file for the Windows 11 Insiders Preview, you can download and store it so it’s readily accessible. Here’s how.



Google Reveals ‘Watering Hole’ Attack Targeting Apple Device Owners

The company’s Threat Analysis Group discovered the campaign in August.


Google’s Threat Advisory Group (TAG) has revealed that hackers used compromised websites, a variety of vulnerabilities, and sophisticated malware to gain access to iOS and macOS devices in a campaign that appeared to be loosely targeted at citizens of Hong Kong.

TAG says it “discovered watering hole attacks targeting visitors to Hong Kong websites for a media outlet and a prominent pro-democracy labor and political group” in August. This kind of attack doesn’t typically have a specific target, opting instead to focus on a broad demographic, such as Apple device owners who are curious about the political goings-on in Hong Kong.

The campaign reportedly exploited a zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2021-30869) in macOS Catalina that TAG promptly disclosed to Apple, which released a patch on Sept. 23. TAG says the attack exploited several previously known vulnerabilities in the WebKit rendering engine used by Safari on iOS and macOS, too, which means the security flaws weren’t completely novel.

The attackers used this exploit chain to install a backdoor on vulnerable devices that visited the compromised websites. TAG says this backdoor contained modules that could be used to identify compromised devices; record audio, capture the screen, and install a keylogger; download and upload files; and execute terminal commands as the root user.

“Based on our findings,” TAG says, “we believe this threat actor to be a well-resourced group, likely state backed, with access to their own software engineering team based on the quality of the payload code.” (It stops just short of attributing the attack to a particular entity, however.)



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These are the Black Friday laptop deals I’m looking out for.


Some Black Friday deals are already happening, making this the best time to search for deals on the best laptops. As a computing writer, I try to stay on top of laptop deals — both for myself and for you, the reader. You never know when the perfect laptop will pop up so it’s good to remain vigilant.

A few devices have already caught my eye during the past couple of weeks. This includes Windows laptops, Chromebooks, gaming laptops and MacBooks. I’ve made a shortlist of the devices I think are worth keeping an eye on. The top laptop deal right now is the Dell XPS 13 for just $636, which is down from $949.

Some have already been heavily discounted while others aren’t yet on sale. Considering how laptops are a hit item, I expect most (if not all) of these to see significant price reductions.


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