Podcast 2206 – Our 24th Anniversary Show!!!

It has been 24 years that the Internet Advisor Show has been in existence On the Air, On the Internet. Join us as Gary, (The Originator) Ed, (Chief Technologist) and Cal, (Technologist and Mac-a-phile) talk about tech and the show over the 24 years that it has been running. We will also talk on latest tech issues like StarLink updates and upcoming Apple iPhone and iPad announcements. Ed will have info on a UFEI issue that may or not affect you. Gary will fill you in on how to save on price increase for Amazon Prime membership for the coming year. Listen in, it’s fun.








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Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD (2022) Review

Apricorn’s Aegis Padlock SSD isn’t new, but the concept is proven. We reviewed an earlier version in 2014, though that drive cost $799 (in a 480GB capacity) versus $299 for today’s same-size model. The tiny, rugged external solid-state drive hasn’t gone unchanged, however: Improvements to the ultra-secure SSD include a wider range of capacities (now, from 240GB for $209 to 4TB for $1,199), higher speed, and additional features, as well as that lower cost per gigabyte. These enhancements serve to keep a venerable security-centric drive competitive.



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Best USB-C monitor deals: Low prices for a streamlined setup

Do you enjoy cable clutter? Is your idea of a good time hunting around for the right adapter to connect a laptop to a display? If the answer is a resounding “No!” to these questions, you ought to consider a USB-C monitor for your next display upgrade. A USB-C monitor offers the most streamlined setup and saves you from having various cables cluttering your desk or needing to dig around for adapters.



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Amazon Prime price increasing to $139/year this month — how to avoid the hike

The cost of Amazon Prime is about to increase. During Thursday’s earnings call to go over Amazon’s quarterly performance, the e-commerce giant announced that it will raise the price of its Prime membership from $119 per year to $139 per year. Month-to-month subscriptions will also see an increase from $12.99 to $14.99.

The Amazon price hikes will go into effect starting February 18, 2022 for new members. Existing members will pay the new price starting March 25, 2022. However, if you’re one of the millions of Americans with a Prime membership, there’s a small Amazon hack you can do now to avoid paying the price increase.



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