Thank you!!! …. We finally made it to end of the Information Superhighway!…… not really…. just sounded good.

It’s the end of 2022. It is also the end to a long run for the Internet Advisor Show, both our Broadcasts and Podcasts.

It was 24 and one half years ago in 1997, Gary Baker and

the late great Foster Braun



started this institution on the Radio at station WJR 760 on the AM dial. A 50,000 watt powerhouse ready to help listeners with their technology issues. Yeah we are talking high tech like 4800 BAUD modems using dial up for services like AOL on computers using Windows 95. Back when, as Gary would say, “Apple… they have less than 5% of the user base” and “they needed Microsoft to loan them money”.

Over the course of time however, the show grew. Next to come on the scene was Ed Rudel with his technical support and his Excellent Tool Kit.

Others, too numerous to mention, joined the show. I will take a stab at a few but please forgive me if I missed you.

Tom Diroff in his PJ’s and Tin Foil hat to avoid Apple influence.

The security minded Caston Thomas.

Rick Broida, the CNet Cheapskate with great tech buys.

Mike Brennan who still has the great website for all things tech going on in the great state of Michigan.

Emily Hay our SME on all things social media.



Gary’s daughter Lauren Baker, who was our Teen Tech reporter.



Also that wild and crazy gamer and tech Shane Hamlin.


Finally, one day, Foster invited this loyal Apple listener, Calvin Carson to come in once a quarter and do a show segment called

“The Mac Attack” because he was part of MacGroup Detroit to talk about all things Apple and the user base for Apple continued to grow! Calvin soon became a regular co-host.


Of course the scores of people behind the scenes that made the show happen. The great engineers, call screeners, and producers at WJR.


Also, people like Melih Oztalay and Vince Chmielewski that kept our website design fresh and functional.


Not the mention the scores of guests that appeared on our show.



From Steve Wozniak co founder of Apple Computer to Charlie Hopper of . Big and small, if they were into tech, we talked with them all!


We can only say to all of you, and of course our listeners, we thank you all for one of the greatest times that we had!




Please feel free to used this website for reference



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