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Podcast 2138 – iPhone 13 is here.

Apple is shipping the new iPhone 13 and with the enhancements of the camera and it’s software, iOS 15, new and more enterprise capable iPad Mini the buzz is going on. Ed will have his say on the upcoming announcement from Microsoft on the DUO 2. And of course, Mike Brennan with MI Tech news. It’s a good one this week!



Here is the ZOOMCAST of this show from the ED in the Shed studio.




Here are some links to some items we discussed during the show.


The Best Laptops for Kids in 2021

An inexpensive PC can be a powerful (and nowadays, essential) educational tool for your child. Here’s how to shop for a kid-friendly laptop, as well as our top models to buy. Many are under $500, and all have been tested in depth.

Motorola Air-Charging Tech Wirelessly Recharges Phone 10 Feet Away

The over-the-air wireless charging system can recharge four smartphones at once, no charging pads needed.

Microsoft Surface Duo review: A beautiful, bewildering phone

The Surface Duo proves there’s worth in dual-screen phones — but you shouldn’t buy this one


and finally…..

The new Roomba j7+

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Podcast 2135 – Tech Tip Sheet

This week we do not have a podcast due to the Labor Day weekend. We hope that you and yours are celebrating and enjoying the last holiday of Summer. Below you can find some Tech Tips that you can use.

Back to School

Make sure that you have your student’s tech protected. After all school can be tough not just on the student but more so on their tech. Getting jammed into a loaded backpack that is pretty much slung around like a tether ball can be hard on laptops, tablets, and cellphones.

Look into breakage insurance unless you can just reach into pocket and buy a replacement when your student show up at home with a broken tech device. Check with your homeowner’s insurance to see if it may be already covered. Also the same coverage may take into account incidents like theft.

Proper Protection

Make sure that you budget for not only the tech device but also for a proper case to store/use it in. Spend a few dollars on a good case for that cellphone that will protect it from drops and spills and you’ll get more use out of that device. One of my favorites is …

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Podcast 2132 – New Samsung Phones and Back to School Tips

No More RUMORS! Samsung has put out some new foldable phones and tablets, interesting and aggressively priced. We will have the beginning of “back to school” tech tips. Mike Brennan and MI Tech News and of course the I A Mailbag. Listen Up.

Here are some links to what we discussed on show.

Reported By PC Magazine.

Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip 3, or Galaxy Z Fold 3: Which Samsung Phone Is Best for You?

Dorm Room Tech Every Student Needs

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Podcast 2130 – Set it and Forget it

This week we will be talking about RUMORS of Samsungs new foldable phones. Apple ships more iPads (tablets) than Samsung, Google, and Amazon combined. We salute Ron Popeil, the original tech gadget guy.

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Podcast 2128 – Ed is out of the Shed

Manning the In Studio microphone we will have Ed Rudel taking the reins of this weeks show. Gary and Ed will be talking about more Windows 11 features, Microsoft 365 as a cloud service similar to Google docs, and Ed’s discovery on a greater understanding of Bluetooth due to USB C ports on the laptop. Also Mike Brennan with MI Tech News!

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Podcast 2127 – Tech Updates

This week we have tech updates on Microsoft Printer vuneralbility that you should get patched ASAP. Well talk about voice commands for ordering over the internet. We will also have Mike Brennan with MITech News as well. Also a look in the I A Mailbag.

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Podcast 2126 – Windows 11

Microsoft announces Windows 11. Join Ed and Cal as they discuss the features and enhancements of the newest Microsoft O/S for the PC. What it may have in common with Mac OS X. Is imitation a sincere expression of flattery? We will also be taling about Amazon’s “Sidewalk” feature.

Links to what we talked about in the show

Reported by CNet

Amazon Sidewalk

Windows 11

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Podcast 2122 – WWDC, Windows 11?, Prime Time.

Ed and Cal discuss the upcoming Apple World Wide Developers Conference, the upcoming possible Windows 11 announcement from Microsoft, and it’s near Amazon Prime Time this year. Michigan Tech News from Mike Brennan as well.

Informational Links from the show

Upcoming Windows announcement

Upcoming Apple Announcement

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Podcast 2121 – Ed’s Outlook from the Shed

Join us as we talk about wireless routers and their broadcast improvements. The upcoming Nintendo Switch and it’s possible features and price. Speaking of arcade games Happy Birthday PacMan! Chromecast and Google TV are becoming more Roku like.

The “Behind the Speakers” look at the Internet Advisor from the ED in the Shed Studio’s

Useful links from the show

From CNet

Chromecast with Google TV review: A worthy rival to Roku and Amazon Fire TV

From PC Mag

The Best Wireless Routers for 2021

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