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Podcast 2122 – WWDC, Windows 11?, Prime Time.

Ed and Cal discuss the upcoming Apple World Wide Developers Conference, the upcoming possible Windows 11 announcement from Microsoft, and it’s near Amazon Prime Time this year. Michigan Tech News from Mike Brennan as well.

Informational Links from the show

Upcoming Windows announcement

Upcoming Apple Announcement

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Podcast 2121 – Ed’s Outlook from the Shed

Join us as we talk about wireless routers and their broadcast improvements. The upcoming Nintendo Switch and it’s possible features and price. Speaking of arcade games Happy Birthday PacMan! Chromecast and Google TV are becoming more Roku like.

The “Behind the Speakers” look at the Internet Advisor from the ED in the Shed Studio’s

Useful links from the show

From CNet

Chromecast with Google TV review: A worthy rival to Roku and Amazon Fire TV

From PC Mag

The Best Wireless Routers for 2021

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Podcast 2119 – Emergency Broadband Benefit

Join us as we talk with Michelle Gilbert VP of Public Relations Comcast Heartland about their involvement with the FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit and how it may be able to help lower income households and those affected by layoffs, job loss, and other side affects of these Covid-19 times. We ill be also talking about last minute Mother’s Day gifts. Rick Brodia’s Cheapskate Friday deals and Mike Brennan with his weekly MI Tech News roundup.

Links for items discussed during the show

For information on FFC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit\ebb

From CNet

Rick Broida’s Cheapskate Friday Deals

When it comes to TV sizes, get the biggest one you can buy

What size TV is right for your living room? Probably something bigger than you already have.

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Podcast 2118 – Fruit from the Orchard

Apple announces new products, Air Tags, iPhone Purple, Apple TV4K, and New M1 powered iMac 24inch and iPad Pro. Ed and Gary give their views on “Opt In” as opposed to “Opt Out” with applications.We will also cjeck out the IA Mailbag and of course Mike Brennan with MI Tech News!

Check out our “Behind the Speakers” look at the Internet Advisor produce by Ed from the “In the Shed” studio.

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Podcast 2115 – Men from Earth roving Mars!

This weeks show, we are lucky to have the a great guest. As NASA’s Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen is tasked with helping us answer some of humanity’s biggest questions: Where did we come from? Are we alone? How does the universe work? He is current charged with the rover for the MARS mission currently underway. We will also have updates to current tech news and Mike Brennan with MI Tech news as well.

Here are some links to things we discussed on the show.

Want to watch rover on Mars and the flight of the Helicopter?

Recall by Verizon for Hotspots with possible battery issues as reported by CNet

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Podcast 2112 – Turbo Tax has Gary in a Tizzy

Join us this weeks we talk about being aware of possible screen burn in on OLED displays. Gary is having a challenge using Turbo Tax and getting the appropriate Tech Support. Sharing a Keynote presentation with a Google user, it can be done. Of course we will have the I.A. Mailbag and Mike Brennan with MI Tech News.

Now for the “Behind the Speakers” look at the Internet Advisor, produced by Ed Rudel from the “Ed in the Shed” studios.

Links to things discussed on this week’s show

Facebook Is Developing a Version of Instagram for Children Under 13

From OS X Daily

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Podcast 2111 – When Sharing is not good… at least as far as Netflix is concerned.

Sharing that password for Netflix is going to be a No No. Have you ever been using your iPhone and wonder if someone is spying on you? We will talk about free Password Managers and why you need one. Retro Gaming consoles and the IA mailbag. Mike Brennan and MI Tech news.

Links Mentioned in the show

How to tell if an App is watching you on iPhone

How to Tell if an iPhone App is Listening to or Watching You

Best Retro Gaming Consoles

Best Free Password Managers

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Podcast 2110 – Tax, Stream, Starlink, and Smart Glasses.

Six weeks before April 15th What’s Best Tax Software and when they say it’s free, is it really free? Streaming Services, when you cut the cord with cable …do you save? Immersive TV – Helmet Cams on athletes? Look up, Starlink is becoming a demand item. We will also have Mike Brennan with MI Tech News.

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Podcast 2109 – The Mighty Has Fallen.

Hear the tale of the I A Project of the Month, upgrading a 2015 27″ iMac and the perils that have ensued. The project of the month is still ongoing. We will also be talking about how identify companies can help you if you are a victim of identity theft. Mike Brennan and MI Tech News.

“Behind the Speakers” produced by Ed Rudel in the “Shed Studios”.

Links to places I have bought products for iMac Upgrade

For Drive temp sensor and adhesive strips –

For SSD Hard Drive –

For LCD replacement Panel

Shop Ebay for Best Price on a Apple-iMac-27-inch-5K-Retina-Display-LCD-LM270QQ1-SDC1-PN-661-07323-Model-2017/284177791421…

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