Foster Braun Predictions 2014

Part 1

-IA/MITechNews Combo will develop new podcast presence in 2014.

-Walled OS gardens (iOS, Android, Windows 8 etc.) will grow higher and more impregnable. Interoperability and Open Source are on life support. 

-Steven Elop will be the new CEO of Microsoft when all the dust settles.  The fix is in.
-Apple will succeed where others have failed with the smart watch.

Sad Goodbyes
-Aereo (depending on the outcome of the Supreme Court hearing in 2014)
-Facebook – will experience a HUGE loss of key user base (45-65) due to privacy, video auto play and other distractions.
-Barnes & Noble

  • Where will Nook go?

Part 2

-Google, the evil empire will rise to dominate the tech scene from mobile to OS. 
-Amazon continue to will continue to dominate the eCommerce scene and maybe even release its own smartphone as a losing cost device like their tablets.
-Microsoft Surface products will gain wider acceptance and pave the way for Win 8 in popular mind. (BIG ACHILLES HEEL: Buggy software MUST be fixed (e.g. Evernote to YouVersion Bible)
-Windows Phone 8 will entrench itself as the third operating platform through solid overseas performance.
-TV Set-top box (w DVR) is new cord cutters holy grail. (Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast)

Thoughts for 2014

(From Ford document)

Paradoxically, in a world where so much is buzzing around
us, people are increasingly finding joy in missing out,
seeking solace in moments free of digital distraction or
preoccupation. While Internet access used to be a luxury, the
“digital detox” is now a spa-like experience for a privileged
few. Similarly, there is a rising “slow movement”—not
just slow cook, but slow run, slow bike—to slow down and
enjoy the sights that are right in front of us, instead of being
preoccupied with those that aren’t.

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