Ed Rudel-2014-predictions

This year I am not going to make any hardball predictions.  So, let’s play softballs.

1. Steve Ballmer is retiring from Microsoft.  I really feel that Microsoft internal product line struggling is killing the company.  They have become like their old time and tired rival IBM who in years past was laughed at for clinging to the old and tired main frames to keep the blood pumping.  The same could be said for Microsoft clinging to revenue streams from Microsoft Server software, Microsoft Office, and 10 year old new kid on the block, Xbox gaming console.  Microsoft needs a transfusion, out with the old guard and in with new blood that will revitalize the company, refocus and inspire a new generation of products.
Microsoft new CEO will be young, between the age of 48 and 52 years old.  How is that for a softball?

2. Microsoft Tablets – Currently the IPad is 40% tablet market.  The Microsoft Surface and other OEM manufactures running the Windows 8 OS comprise less than 2% of the tablet market.  I predict that Microsoft Windows 8 style tables by both Microsoft and the OEMs will reach 6% of the Tablet market in 2014.

3. Universal wireless charging will finally take hold.  During the show we each discussed how we each adored the products we have used that support wireless charging.  HP attempted to introduce a standard in 2010, Nokia also has its own proprietary wireless charging, but it is going to take a car manufacture or an already establish phone a tablet manufacture like Apple to really set the stage.

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