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Beware CNet Download!


A recent experience with CNet Download requires a warning label: This software will hijack your browser and install PUPware (Potentially Unwanted Programs) 

In one recent experience, a simple download from

  • Browsers were immediately hijacked, PUPware installed and closed thereby requiring a full reboot of the browser.
  • Installed PUPware:
    • SearchMe (hijacked all searches)
    • SlickSavings
    • Ebay Shopper
    • Amazon Shopping Assistant

If you are interested in downloading an app or piece of software, we recommend you no longer use CNet Downloader.

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Anonymous Catches a Virus

According to some news sources, Anonymous hackers may have had more to worry about than one of their own becoming an informant for the FBI.  Apparently someone slipped the hacker collective a nasty little trojan of their own that infected members’ machines.  Wonder if their anti-spyware caught it!  Earlier in the week it was reported that 25 members of the Anonymous had been rounded up in Latin America and it was revealed that a former member had turned FBI informant when he got caught out in the open.

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Another Monster Patch Tuesday Coming for MS

Microsoft announced that your computer is up for 16 vaccinations or booster shots coming this Tues., June 14.  Hackers are targeting everything from MS Office to .Net Framework.  Say, “Ah for the doctor and bend over, please!”  It won’t hurt a lot and it’s better than the alternative!

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