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Watch out for .Net updates!

For you PC users, Susan Bradley of Windows Secrets Newsletter, our guest from June 25, has a strong warning about installing Microsoft’s .Net updates. She also has some detailed information in the latest Windows Secrets about other patch information and how to solve problems caused by troublesome patches.  Well worth the reading for PC users.

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The End is Near For Paid Anti-Virus on PC's

What is happening to all the anti-virus providers for PC (and now Macs!)  They seem to be going into other businesses or out of business. Matthew Schwartz of has some interesting insights into this alarming phenomenon.  Full Story.

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Podcast: June 25, 2011

Foster Braun, Ed Rudel, Kurt Hines, Erik Anderson

Show Notes:

Foster Braun, Ed Rudel and Kurt Hines will also discuss some changes coming to Malwarebytes and the changing world of Anti-virus software. Erik Anderson (Mr. Mac) brings his weekly The Mac Minute for the select who just can’t go a week without their dose of Apple rumors!  😉

And of course our second hour is YOUR hour to call us with your computer and internet problems.

Podcast: June 25, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: June 25, 2011 – Hour 2

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It's Time to Move Up to IE9

Windows Secrets is a great free monthly newsletter about all things Windows and, while it can get a bit high tech at times, it also has excellent insight into Microsoft’s key players.  This month security expert Susan Bradley is encouraging Vista and Win 7 PC owners to move up boldly to Internet Explorer 9. See if you agree.

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Domain Name Explosion?

ICANN the international agency charged with controlling domain names, like .com, .edu., .org etc. has opened up a pandoras box of new domain names. Some fear that it could create utter chaos as well open up wonderful opportunities for businesses to  brand their own domains, e.g. .apple, .microsoft or .ms etc., etc. Domain names can end in almost anything ranging from a city, to term like .eco or .green and native scripts from around the world. How many of these terms do companies need to lock down?  Let the domain name squatting begin!

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Lesson IBM Can Teach At 100 Years Old

We tend to think of tech companies in terms of the last 20 to 30 years when computing began its exponential growth. Who would have thought that the a Tabulating Company founded in 1911 would last long enough to teach companies like Apple and Micro a lesson or two despite its own challenges?  This is a great article about some of the reasons that IBM has stuck around this long. Makes you wonder what kind of shelf life Apple and Microsoft really have!

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Podcast: June 18, 2011

Cal Carson, Foster Braun, Shane Hamelin, Erik Anderson

Show Notes

  • Hack Attack: Chloe Albegensius, editor Who are these groups that have openly attacked banks, businesses and even the CIA?  What is their purpose?  Why haven’t they been caught?
  • Online Bank for the Disabled; Brad Saul President and CEO of Prime Access who is disabled himself, has developed specialized software to help the disabled with banking.  Bridgeview Bank
  • A few of our favorite things: Cal, Foster and Shane will share a favorite device or software program with our listeners.

The second hour is YOUR hour to get answers to your computer problems and concerns.

Podcast: June 18, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: June 18, 2011 – Hour 2

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Google Voice to the Desktop!

For those of you who have used Google Voice on  your smartphones, we don’t have to “sell” you on the value of just talking to the Google app and having it look up an address, find a store or other location for  you.  It is a whole lot less deadly than texting while driving and light years ahead of the lousy voice recognition on the iPhone!  Check it out…Google Voice comes to the desktop or check out this Demo.

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Four Key Takeaways from Apple's New Strategy

This past Monday Steve Jobs and Apple announced a three fold plan for the future that will affect not only Apple products but, if the iPad and iPhone are any indication, the rest of the electronics industry.  Commentator Mark Sigal has four interesting insights into the implications of the new Apple Lion OS, iOS 5 for iPad and iPhone and iCloud.

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Podcast: June 11, 2011

Show Notes:

Podcast: June 11, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: June 11, 2011 – Hour 2

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