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Podcast 1729 Self-driving cars – Where are they taking us?

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Show Notes

Hour 1


Vince Chmielewski, the president and founder of Visual Compass of Ann Arbor (formerly VC Webdesign in Ypsilanti, MI), joins us to talk about the future of self-driving cars and the impact that they will have on our culture as well as our means of transportation.  What are some of the biggest changes coming and when will they hit?  Insurance, parking, unemployment…all subjects that loom large on the horizon.


Podcast 1729 Vince Chmielewski Autonomous Vehicles


Visual Compass Show Reel



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MiTechNews Headlines for July 29, 2017

Mike Brennan 5-1-16

PrivateLabelVR.Net Offers Turnkey VR Product For Video Game Arcades

Michigan Tech’s Summer Youth Program Hosts Detroit Students For Clean Energy Camps

Report: Hackers Can Take Over Your Phone To Send Text Messages, Make Phone Calls

Mike Brennan Headlines 7-29-17

Catch …

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Podcast 1508 Feb. 21, 2015: The Red Dwarf, Crowd Funding and Saving the Freighthouse

Le Nain Rouge

Show Notes:

Hour 1

Freighthouse Marker

Ypsi Freighthouse

Saving a Michigan Landmark: The Ypsilanti Freighthouse

Courtney HeadshotCourtney Jones is a board member on the Friends of the Ypsilanti Freighthouse, will describe how they have used online resources to spearhead the campaign for restoring and preserving this landmark.The Ypsilanti Freighthouse was a key stop on the early railroads into Michigan’s interior in the early 1800’s and has become a symbol of Ypsilanti’s rebirth in the 21st Century.


Vince ChmielewskiVince Chmelewski, is the owner of Visual Compass, a web design and multi-media company out of Ypsilanti that has helped the Friends of the Freighthouse promote, gather support and crowd source funds for the project.  (Full disclosure, Visual Compass, is the power behind our homepage and its exciting renovation coming very soon.)


Click to Listen to Visual Compass


Nain Rouge

Nain Rouge,The Red Dwarf:  Great Lakes ComicCon

Joe BastianJoe Bastian is a folkteller who has resurrected the legend of the Red Dwarf or Nain Rouge, a legendary character in the history of Detroit since its founding. He joined us twice last year (Podcast 1412 and  Podcast 1429) as he launched a KickStarter campaign to raise $18,000 to produce the first novels in the Nain Rouge …

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Podcast 1444 11/1/14 Innovation Roundtable, Cyber Summit, Detroit Tech Incubator

 Cyber-Summit-2014-Header-White resized

Show Notes:

Hour 1

Detroit Innovation Roundtable

Visual Compass Web Design

Visual Compass Web Design

Vince Chmielewski shares his journey from the Ypsilanti Spark East incubator to the new home for his business in Ypsilanti’s Historic Depot Town.

Click here to listen to Visual Compass Web Design

Spread the Glove logo

Spread the Glove

Are you proud to be a Michigander?  Homesick for the Pleasant Peninsula? or just proud and thankful to live in this Great Lakes State?  Check out Spread the Glove.  Mark Serra explains this lifestyle brand being built on loving where you’re from, no matter where you are. We set to build a community of people in, from and fond of Michigan, using our website, social media and in real life events. 

Click Here to Listen to Spread the Glove


Yum Village

Think of a “kamikaze restaurant” suddenly popping up in an unusual place in Detroit featuring a meal made specially for the occasion by one of the area’s finest chefs.  Sound romantic, come to the right place…Yum Village.  Listen as Godwin explains the concept of these remarkable movable feasts.  The next Yum Village event is November  13. Check it out and make your reservation here.

8-5x11 Flyer - Menuless

Click Here to Listen to

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Podcast 12/1/12: Syria Goes Dark and Are You A Human?

Show Notes:

Syria Blown Back to Dark Ages: Richard Stiennon, Internet Analyst & Security Expert, explores how this could happen and whether we could see the lights go out suddenly under just the wrong kind of conditions.

Online Buyer Beware: Online Sales Shattered All Records This Past Week. The Internet Advisor Team present the Do’s and Dont’s of Online Buying.

Are You A Human? Nothing personal and lots of fun.  Reid Tatoris, co-founder of the website  security service, is back to talk about Play Thru, the new form of identification for the Web. Try it out! (BTW, that is the new identification process you will use when you Contact Us on our homepage)

What’s New On the Web?  Vince Chmielewski, founder of VC Webdesign tells what’s hot in website design, dealing with the booming mobile market and what you need to decide before you create a website. (Disclosure: Vince designed the current Internet Advisor site and is working on a re-design.)

Windows 8 Tutorials

Internet Advisor Takeway:

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Podcast: April 16, 2011

Show Notes:

  • Meet Todd Girdis of Intelli Home Systems Todd’s company has excellent systems to provide peace of mind for caregivers and security for seniors that give them the opportunity to live independently and safely.  Excellent services for aging parents or other for whom  you have the responsibility of care.
  • Thinking of starting your own website?  Vince Chmielewski of VC Web Design is the man we called on and has a bag full of tips on making your site excellent.  The ABC’s of site building.

Podcast: Todd Girdis
Podcast: April 16, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: April 16, 2011 – Hour 2

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Podcast: February 5, 2011

Happy 13th Anniversary to the Internet Advisor with a very special cast of “characters”: Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Foster Braun and the “Flying Anderson Brothers” Erik Mac Minute Man and Scott the Engineer. Our distinguished guests will include:

Vince Chmielewski representing VC Webdesign wrote the code that makes our homepage work (Members of Inner Circle Media who developed the graphics of our website will visit in the near future.)

  • Jan Gensheimer, President and Diane Durance, Program Committee Chair of New Enterprise Forum which is celebrating 25 yrs. of launching entrepreneurs.

Podcast: February 5, 2011 – Hour 1

Podcast: February 5, 2011 – Hour 2 (Tech Calls)

Podcast: February 5, 2011 – Hour 3 (Tech Calls)

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December 5, 2009

It’s a special edition! Join us as the Internet Advisor crew, led by Gary Baker, launches a brand new website for the show.  You’ll get to meet:

  • Carrie Hensel and Catherine Hayes of Inner Circle Media,  who created the new design,
  • Vince Chmielewski who is kind of like the Wizard of Oz pulling all the right bells and chords behind the scenes to make the whole thing work right and
  • Jason Yaeger from Online Tech, the company which has hosted our sites since we began 12 years ago.

It’s  a chance not only to see how our new site works but give you insight into what your website could look like with a little expert help.

Foster Braun returns in studio for this important launch program. Big Red Erik Anderson has The Mac Minute ready with news from the “Dark Side” and tech expert Joel Powell joins us again to help answer your questions.

In the second and third hours the guys answer technology related questions during open line.

Podcast: December 5, 2009 – Hour 1
Podcast: December 5, 2009 – Hour 2
Podcast: December 5, 2009 – Hour 3

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