Podcast 1412 March 22, 2014: Red Dwarf, Social Media Spring Cleaning and MS Countdown April 8

Nain Rouge

Show Notes:

Spring Cleaning for your Social Media

Emily HayEmily Hay of Hay There Social Media shares 9 Tips for Small Business Owners to Spring Clean Your Social Media Profiles – Hay There Social Media | Social Media Marketing & Management Services for Small Businesses .

Click here to listen: Emily Hay 9 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Le Nain Rouge

The Legend of The Nain Rouge (Red Dwarf) Graphic Novel Becomes a Kickstarter Project

Joe BastianAuthor Joe Bastian is moving his book about the sinister Detroit legend of Le Nain Rouge from the printed page to an online graphic novel.


Carl WinansCarl Winans, producer and digital storyteller, explains the process.



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April 8, 2014 Super Download Day for Microsoft

J. CoffeyJustin Coffey of Apex Digital Solutions reveals the bonanza of downloads and updates coming from Microsoft on April 8, 2014. (hints: updates, games and iPhone 8.1)

 Click here to Listen: Justin Coffey MS April 8


Office 365 Personal Available (1 desktop, 1 tablet)
April 8 is shaping up to be a big day for MS
Patch Tuesday … And…
Win 8.1 Update Feature Pack Release (most of the changes in Windows 8.1 Update 1 are focused on making the OS usable for mouse-and-keyboard users, Download around 800MB, and it’s being called a “Feature Pack” rather than a Service Pack)

Metro apps now exist on the Desktop task bar,
Metro apps now have the standard Windows-style title bar at the top (allowing you to easily close/minimize)
Non-touch devices will now have the Power (shutdown, restart, suspend) menu available from the new Start Screen
For both touch and non-touch devices, there will also be a new Search button available on the Start Screen (it’s the same as the Search button on the Charms bar, as far as we know).
For better or worse, you can now also right click a Start Screen title to interact with it.
Windows 8.1 Update 1 will boot straight to the desktop for non-touch users
reduction in the system requirements. Update 1 will require just 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage

Office for iPad (?)
Titan Fall (360 version Release)
Windows Phone 8.1 release
Surface 2 with LTE and GPS

Tim Thewes

Tim Thewes

    Click here to Listen to Tim Thewes special Microsoft Store XP Switch Offer.



MiTechNews Report

Click here to Listen: Mike Brennan Vacation

Mike BrennanThe MiTechNews Report is a weekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and  publisher of MiTechNews.com which focuses on technology headlines and the impact of our tate’s growing high tech sector.
ITA and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.
ITC, the nation’s largest independent electricity transmission company
Warner, Norcross & Judd attorneys at law.

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Hour 2: Answering Your Questions

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun

Cal CarsonFix for Battery Drain Issue on iPhones After Update to iOS 7.1

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