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Podcast June 30, 2012: Gadgets Galore with Rick Broida

All Gadget Show with Internet Advisor Gadget Guy  and CNET blogger Rick Broida.

Show Notes:

  • No contract iPhones Cricket and Virgin Mobile
  • Google 7 Nexus TabletQGlassesChrome for iOS
  • Microsoft Tablets and WP8

Gadget Guy Exclusive Bargain of the Week: TruConnect MiFi, which will be $74 with coupon code CNET2012. That’s $25 off. This is cool because there’s no contract, and you pay for data as you use it.

Internet Advisor Takeaway: Kingsoft Office FreeMS Office Alternative (Rick Broida)


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Podcast May 26, 2012: Introducing IA Gadget Guy Rick Broida

Show Notes:

Introducing the Internet Advisor’s Gadget Guy: Rick Broida, Blogger, Tech Commentator and Cheapskate.  Rick will provide monthly specials on the gadgets we love or will do so soon as he tells us about them.  As a bonus, each time Rick appears on the show he will have a bargain to share with you. Cutting the cord: This month Rick will discuss kicking the cable habit and going strictly with broadband connection for TV programs.  What equipment, programs, subscriptions will you need?  What is the downside?  Is this really feasible?

Rick’s Pick: NetTalk Duo WiFi Cut the cord on your phone company and make free calls to the U.S. and Canada and ultra low-cost international calls, from anywhere in the world, with no contracts or monthly bills.

Are You A Human: Detroit based software company co-founded by Reid Tatoris created PlayThru, an innovative game-based human authentication tool, designed to replace frustrating, distorted text CAPTCHAs.

If you listen over the Michigan Radio Network or to our Podcasts (subscribe through iTunes) send us an email or drop your question in the Forums.

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Cutting the Cord: Resources by Rick Broida

Rick Broida, The Gadget Guy has provided us with a list of resources for Cutting the Cord/Kicking the Cable Habit.  Refer to these when listening to the podcast for the May 26, 2012 show or to do your own investigation.

TV/movie services:

Useful gear:

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Podcast: December 3, 2011

We’re also delighted to introduce Rick Broida, a Detroit area resident, who writes the Cheapskate Blog for CNET, the nation’s premier techno information source.  Rick will focus on What’s the Best Tablet to Buy?


Podcast Segments

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