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Podcast 1405 Feb. 1, 2014: Smart TV's and Battling Ransomware

Skull and Crossbones

Show Notes

Hour 1: New Microsoft CEO? Smart TV’s

The Big Stories in Tech:

Rich Jaroslovsky

Rich Jaroslovsky, National Tech Columnist and NPR  Commentator gives his analysis: Will insider Satya Nadella become the new CEO of Microsoft?  Was Google’s sale of Motorola to Lenovo a huge loss or very smart move?

Smart TV’s

Ty PendelbuTy Pendelburyry, Senior Associate Editor, CNet breaks down what a Smart TV is and how you can make yours smarter.

From Amazon to HBO Go to YouTube: App availability on TVs compared


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Mike Brennan

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Microsoft Special Sale: Surface Pro v1 for just $499.00 with I5 processor and 128 GB solid state drive.  Visit Microsoft Store at Somerset Collection in

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Moto X: Made in the USA

MotoX has arrived and it is homemade in more ways than one.

Google  launched its next hero this past week after leaks left very little to the imagination.  Among other things, the MotoX is designed to be highly customizable by the customer, something sure to appeal to a younger, hip users for whom fashion is as important as function. And….the MotoX is made in the USA, but will people buy it on that strength at $199 for a two year contract?

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Google Releases "Honecomb" OS

Wed., Feb 2, Google launched its eagerly awaited Android 3.0 operating system, nicknamed Honeycomb.  This sweet new system has been optimized  to work on the landslide of new tablets like the Motorola Xoom that debuted at CES in January and now are slowly starting to roll out.  The comparisons with Apple’s iOS mobile operating system are inevitable but Google is also desperate to have this operating system, tailored specifically for tablets, to terminate the iPad lead in the niche.

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