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Microsoft Launches Rebranded OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)

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Microsoft is making OneDrive, its rebranded SkyDrive cloud storage service, available globally as of February 19.

Microsoft officials announced the new branding for its cloud storage service, formerly known as SkyDrive, in late January. Microsoft was obliged to change the name of the service after a loss of a trademark battle with British Sky Broadcasting Group over the “Sky” name.

Existing SkyDrive customers don’t have to do anything to move to OneDrive; their files are already in OneDrive and can be accessed by logging into with their existing SkyDrive credentials. Updated OneDrive apps for Windows Phone, Android phones and iPhones are available for download in their respective stores.

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Aereo Banned in Western States


SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah judge on Wednesday blocked TV streaming company Aereo Inc. from operating in several Western states, at least until the U.S. Supreme Court takes up a related case in April.

Broadcasters have argued Aereo is stealing TV signals without paying. Aereo says the tiny antennas it uses to capture signals before relaying them over the Internet should be treated the same as antennas that people use to pull TV signals for free.

District Judge Dale Kimball, who ruled Wednesday, argued that Aereo’s retransmission of video signals is “indistinguishable from a cable company.” He said that if Aereo continued to do business, it would damage broadcasters’ ability to negotiate with legitimate licensees, siphon viewers away from their websites and subject them to potential piracy.

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Urgent Apple Security Update

The Register, By Chris Williams, 21st February 2014

Apple has updated its mobile operating system iOS to patch a bug that blows apart the integrity of encrypted connections.

Versions 7.0.6 and 6.1.6, available now for download, fixes a vulnerability that could allow “an attacker with a privileged network position” to “capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS,” according to the iPhone maker. This is due to theSecure Transport component of the operating system failing to validate “the authenticity of the connection,” suggesting some sort of failure to verify the certificate or identity of whatever system a vulnerable iDevice was connected to.

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Podcast 1408 Feb. 22, 2014: Like Father, Like Son – Facebook Breaks the Piggy Bank

Ed and Talon

 Like Father … Like Son

Show Notes:

What Are Dads For?

Ed Rudel is not just our Tech Advisor and the main contributor to our ToolKit, he is also the proud father of Talon Rudel, currently a student at Grand Valley University in Grand Rapids along with his sister Shardae. Ed recently applied his considerable skills to helping Talon solve a thorny computer problem that may in fact be the answer to your questions. Don’t miss the conversation.

Facebook Breaks the Piggy Bank to Buy Whatsapp!

Emily Hay

Social Media Expert, Emily Hay joins us to explain the significance of the jaw-dropping $19 billion (8% of FB’s capital) to purchase of messaging app Whatsapp.  What does this mean for current FB users and how will this change the whole messaging horizon around the world?



MWC logo

World  Mobile Congress

This coming week all eyes turn Barcelona, Spain for the Mobile World Congress where companies like Samsung, Nokia and HTC will unveil the newest mobile computing devices.  How will this affect the choices  you make for your next computing device?

MiTechNews Report

Mike Brennan

The MiTechNews Report is a weekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and  publisher of which …

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Podcast 1407 2/15/14: Alternative Energy Sources and New Cyber Weapon

Show Notes

Wind Turbine Farm

Hour 1

AWEA biglogo_glrea


Alternative Energy Sources

Allan O'Shea

Allan O’Shea is a solar panel manufacturer and co-chair of the Michigan Energy Fair.  He is also the founder of AWEA the American Wind Energy Association.  He will talk about energy alternatives to produce the juice that runs our beloved devices without pouring carbon clouds into the air.



Mask/Careto Super Virus and the Conquest of the Cyberworld

Richard Stiennon, an internationally recognized authority on Security joins us to explain what this latest super virus is and how long it has been in the wild.  Is the the next generation of Stuxnet?  Another national cyber war super weapon?



MiTechNews Report

Mike Brennan

The MiTechNews Report is a weekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and  publisher of which focuses on technology headlines and the impact of our state’s growing high tech sector. MiTechNews Report is brought through the support of ITC, the nation’s largest independent electricity transmission company,  Warner, Norcross & Judd attorneys at law, and the Engineering Society of Detroit, representing 16,000 engineers in southeast Michigan.

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Hour 2: Answering Your Questions

Gary, Ed, Cal, Foster


Welcome Network Affiliates


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Michigan Solar Panel Manufacture is a Family Business

Allan O’Shea is a pioneer in alternative energy resource development in Michigan.  What began as a Wind Power project in the basement of a Detroit Police precinct has evolved into a multi-billion dollar international Wind Energy movement around the globe.  Currently Allan has moved to the Traverse City area where he has established a solar panel manufacturing company staffed by family members.  As a guest on our 2/15/14 show Allan spoke about the resurgence of the solar panel construction business in Michigan despite political and energy industry resistance.

Contractors Building Supply Solar Panel Manufacturing

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All American Credit Cards Will Disappear In 2015 And Be Replaced With New Tech

Every credit card in the U.S. will be replaced by October 2015 with new cards that contain the chip-and-PIN technology that the rest of the world has had for years, according to the Wall Street Journal.Both Visa and MasterCard are committed to the switch, which will render extinct the plastic in your wallets and purses right now.

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Comcast Bids to Take Over Time Warner

Tim Stevens by 

Few people are truly in love with their cable provider, whether it be due to overpriced channel packages, inconsistent and annoyingly capped internet access, or the general angst caused by a lack of choice. News this week of a Comcast bid for Time Warner isn’t likely to make any of those parties happier. The $42.5 billion deal would see the first and second place cable companies in the United States joining together to create a single entity that would corner 30 percent of the market whilst laughing maniacally and, presumably, swimming in a giant pool filled with gold coins.

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Microsoft appoints Scott Guthrie new Cloud & Enterprise chief

Mary Jo Foley

Who will succeed Satya Nadella as Microsoft’s Cloud & Enterprise chief?


The answer to this question — to which I was asked numerous times today following the announcement that Microsoft’s new CEO will be Satya Nadella, who was head of Cloud & Enterprise — is Scott Guthrie.

Yes. The red-shirted ScottGu is, for now, the “interim” Cloud & Enterprise Executive Vice President at Microsoft. I hear he’s likely to be made the permanent one, as well, though no one is saying that in any official capacity for now.

Microsoft announced internally Guthrie’s promotion on February 4, according to a company spokesperson.

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Eight things CEO Nadella needs to do to jump-start Microsoft

Roger Cheng
by   February 5, 2014 4:05 AM PST

For Microsoft, new CEO Satya Nadella represents the first opportunity for a fresh start in nearly a decade and a half.

It’s hard to knock a company that last quarter generated $24.5 billion in revenue, but Nadella takes the reins at a time when there are increasing questions about Microsoft’s direction and future source of growth.

Let’s face it: Microsoft has been in a rut. The reception to Windows 8 has been lukewarm at best and has failed to reinvigorate PC sales at a time when consumers are keener to spend their limited dollars on phones and tablets. Windows Phone, meanwhile, has slowly made progress in the mobile world, but remains a speck relative to larger Google and Apple.

Which is where Nadella comes in. CNET’s writers and editors brainstormed some ideas that would reinvigorate Microsoft. Here are eight:

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