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Podcast 1619: Beating the Recycling Scam and Smart Finds

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Show Notes:

Hour 1: E- Waste Scam Exposed by BAN and Transforming

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]BAN networkBAN or the Bazel Action Network is a non-profit with a mission to champion global environmental health and justice by:
  • ending toxic trade
  • catalyzing a toxics-free future
  • campaigning for everyone’s right to a flourishing environment.

Focusing on electronic waste and old ships, BAN fulfills its mission using interrelated policy, market solutions, and public engagement strategies that create systemic change.

[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”black” border_width=”3″][vc_video link=””][vc_separator color=”black” border_width=”3″][vc_column_text]Global Tech Ministries

For most of our history, the Internet Advisor has been proud to recommend Global Tech Ministries led by Stephen Beck as a recycling resource for  your major e-waste.  As with any kind of “ministry” this has been an uphill struggle to find funding and this December is another one of those deadlines beyond which the future of Global Tech Ministries is very unclear.  If you want to …

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Halloween Special: Cyberwar and Poisoned Downloads

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Halloween Special: Cyber War & Poisoned Download

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Show Notes:

Hour 1

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Richard StiennonRichard Stiennon
has been a frequent guest on the Internet Advisor when it comes to all things cyber security.  Richard is a security expert and industry analyst, known for shaking up the industry and providing actionable guidance to vendors and end users. He recently relaunched the security blog and is the founder of IT-Harvest, an independent analyst firm that researches the 1,200 IT security vendors. He was Chief Marketing Officer for Fortinet, Inc. the leading UTM vendor. Prior to that he was VP Threat Research at Webroot Software.

Click Here to Listen to Richard Stiennon[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]CalCal Carson is our resident expert on all things Apple.  The Apple TV that is just arriving is one of the most anticipated devices to be launched by the folks from Cupertino.  The question is: Has Apple been able to shake up the set top market that so far seems to be owned by Roku’s excellent 4th generation device.  Cal will give us the highlights and the challenges behind the new Apple …

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Podcast 1514: Welcome to the New Internet Advisor


Show Notes:

Actually it’s the same Internet Advisor show you have come to love and look for but in a new format:

Hour 1: 4-5 PM EDT  Today’s Tech News and Views

Click here to listen to Hour 1

This hour is dedicated to interviews with experts, discussions of the hot topics of the day and in studio guests talking about technology in Michigan and around the world.  This hour is also heard on our affiliate network throughout Michigan but NOT live on WJR AM in Detroit.

Topics Discussed:

  • Apple Watch Release
  • HBO Now on Apple TV and Cablevision for $15/mo just in time for Game of Thrones Season 5
  • LinkedIn buys
  • Teens Still Favor Facebook

Click here to listen to Apple Watch Discussion


Agile and Beyond

Jason Dinkelman worked with co-host Gary Baker in some of the early implementation of Agile Software Development near the turn of the century. The concept began at Chrysler Motors in the mid-90’s and spread around the globe.  The Agile and Beyond Conference  is now coming to Dearborn, April 30-May 1 and for two days experts from around the world will discuss the practical applications of these concept to Detroit based  business.


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Podcast 1448 Nov. 29, 2014 : Plowz & Online Tech 20th Anniversary



Show Notes

Hour 1



Your Very Own Snow Plow Service Is As Close As Your Phone

Plowz and Mowz Co-Founder, Wills Mahoney shares the birth of this ingenious service that means you are more likely than ever to be dug out of the next super storm well before your neighbors.  When the green grass returns, you’ll be ahead of the neighbors with a well trimmed lawn, on time, every time.

 Click Here to Listen to Plowz and Mowz



MiTechNews Forms Strategic Alliance with ITinTheD

Mike Brennan, editor of MiTechNews and Internet Advisor host Gary Baker were featured guests on the Nov. 24 edition of ITinTheD a new pure Detroit brand of podcast that is taking RawRadioX by storm. MiTechNews has formed a strategic alliance with the geek intensive podcast and will be posting links to their weekly broadcasts in MiTechNews every Friday.

ITintheD groupITinTheD On Air

Walther_RyanMike Brennan and Gary Baker were “chaperoned” by Ryan WaltherIT Risk Manager, Flagstar Bank during their appearance on ITinTheD.  Actually Ryan discussed “the trials and tribulations of  working in the world of IT audit, security and compliance.”


Ryan and Gavin

Click Here to Listen to Gavin Walther Intro

Click here to find more about

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Podcast 1420 5/17/14: Jobs for Vets, ComicCon Celebrates 25 yrs and Help Shardae Rudel Get to London

Show Notes

Hour 1

Motor City ComicCoh

Motor City ComicCon Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Shane Hamelin

Shane Hamelin with spice things up with news about Mtorcity ComicCon and a special “Find Shane” contest at the Convention in Novi on Sunday!

Mark WaidGuest Mark Waid is a freelance comic writer who is visiting the Motor City ComicCon in Novi this weekend.

Click Here to Listen to Mark Waid

New Horizons

New Horizons Steps Up to Help GI’s Back Into the Workforce

Scott McLeanScott McLean, Vice President of Operations at New Horizons Great Lakes shares the latest program by New Horizons to offer special training to help former military reenter a tough job market.

Click Here to Listen to Scott McLean New Horizon

Gofundme logo

Reports From Two Satisfied Customers of Crowdfunding Site

Shardae RudelShardae Rudel (Ed’s daughter) wants to raise support for her college internship this summer in London, England. Click here to see the site



Lauren ElliottLauren Elliot, Shardae’s friend and inspiration for GoFundMe, faced a sudden financial crisis when her horse had a medical crisis.  Friends came through on GoFundMe. Click here to see the site


All about GoFundMe

Click Here to Listen to GoFundMe with Girls

MiTechNews Report

Mike Brennan Subscribe to our co-branded MiTechNews Newsletter in collaboration with the Internet

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Podcast 1402 Jan. 11, 2014: CES 2014 Gadget Guy Review

CES 2014 Logo

Show Notes:

Hour 1: Rick Broida, The Gadget Guy, Presents:

Best of CES:

  • DVR’s for Over-the-air TVTablo has started to take preorders for its DVR, which promises to record up to four shows of free over-the-air broadcast TV at the same time.
  • 3D Printers like 3 Doodler
  • Nanoport: When two devices with Nanoport connectors built into them link, they can transfer information, charge each other or even share their screens.

Worst of CES: Ideas we hope they don’t pursue!

MiTechNews Report

Mike Brennan

Weekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector. This MiTechNews report with Mike Brennan is brought to you by  the Engineering Society of Detroit, representing 16,000 engineers in Southeast Michigan and Warner, Norcross & Judd attorneys at law: how well protected and capitalized is your intellectual property.

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NAIAS 2014 LogoNorth American International Auto Show

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Feb. 16, 2013: Cybersecurity, Microsoft Surface Pro, and MiTech Launch

Show Notes:

Hour 1:

President ObamaPresidential Cybersecurity Directive 21

Richard Stiennon, noted author, cyber security expert and media analyst will discuss Presidential Policy Directive 21: Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience. PPD 21 how it impacts your privacy and whether it can help save us from cyberwar. Richard is also the author of Up and To the Right: Strategy for Influence.  Richard’s analysis of the President’s directive:  PPD 21: Extreme Risk Management Gone Wrong

bump_logotype Sadie Bascom introduces new app for iPhones and Android phones may make thumb drives obsolete!


Entrepreneur-YOU : Tiffany M. Jones, Vice President, Regional Marketing & Communications Manager for Huntington Bank, East Michigan Region shares a vision for encouraging women entrepreneurs in SE Michigan.

Hour 2:

MS-Tech-Center-Opening-with-Gov-John-Fikany-Dave-Sawyer-2-11-1Microsoft Surface Pro Arrives: Dave Sawyer, Heartland Microsoft Technical Center, Technical Director brings this brand new powerful PC in a hybrid tablet form to the studio to discuss its place in technology and possibly in your home.




Getting Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 Straight.  Aaron Guilmette of Apex Digital joins us again as the answer man on all things Windows 8 and explains the mysteries of Office 2013.
MTNew Logo
MiTech News.Com: We launch a …

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