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Podcast 1431 Aug. 2, 2014: IT in the D; Exanding Podcasts & Hackathon KIng

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IT in the D: Networking Detroit “One Beer at a Time”

It’s outrageous, it’s informative and it’s hugely popular.  IT in the D is a weekly, two hour podcast developed from the ground up by a group of Detroit IT warriors who decided that the young and growing IT industry in and around Detroit needed a voice. And, boy, did we get one!   Jeff Mackey and Bob Waltenspiel, two of the stars of the show (along with David Phillips) will join us in studio to talk about the state of IT in the D (the program and the industry) and about podcasting as the wave of the future for reaching masses of people focused on a narrow subject vs. broadcasting which casts a broad net. Don’t miss the conversation!

The IT in the D Story

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Happy First Anniversary: MiTechNews & Internet Advisor Co-edited Newsletter

Mike BrennanMike Brennan, Editor and Host of MiTechNews, and

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Jason JohnsonJason Johnson, producer for F7 Studios and podcast channel join us …

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Podcast 1420 5/17/14: Jobs for Vets, ComicCon Celebrates 25 yrs and Help Shardae Rudel Get to London

Show Notes

Hour 1

Motor City ComicCoh

Motor City ComicCon Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Shane Hamelin

Shane Hamelin with spice things up with news about Mtorcity ComicCon and a special “Find Shane” contest at the Convention in Novi on Sunday!

Mark WaidGuest Mark Waid is a freelance comic writer who is visiting the Motor City ComicCon in Novi this weekend.

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New Horizons

New Horizons Steps Up to Help GI’s Back Into the Workforce

Scott McLeanScott McLean, Vice President of Operations at New Horizons Great Lakes shares the latest program by New Horizons to offer special training to help former military reenter a tough job market.

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Gofundme logo

Reports From Two Satisfied Customers of Crowdfunding Site

Shardae RudelShardae Rudel (Ed’s daughter) wants to raise support for her college internship this summer in London, England. Click here to see the site



Lauren ElliottLauren Elliot, Shardae’s friend and inspiration for GoFundMe, faced a sudden financial crisis when her horse had a medical crisis.  Friends came through on GoFundMe. Click here to see the site


All about GoFundMe

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MiTechNews Report

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New Podcast Channel for Internet Advisor


We are proud to announce the launch of a new podcast channel for the content you enjoy on the Internet Advisor throughout the year in collaboration with F7studios in Grand Rapids, MI.  This channel is produced and maintained by F7 Studio owner, Jason Johnson.

What makes this unique is that it will contain not only the our regular weekly podcasts but also “bonus” material from our interviews, commentary from noted security experts like Richard Stiennon of IT-Harvest and many others as the channel fills up.  Please bookmark this a a new place to find the Internet Advisors and a new world of related content.

Let us know what you think of this through our Contact Us button on our homepage.

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