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Podcast 1718 Coca Cola Builds a Bridge and The Blue Pigs Sing a New Tune

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Podcast 1432 August 9, 2014: Richard Stiennon Black Hat Report & Nicole Johnson Cisco Security Expert

Show Notes:

Due to sudden illness, Cindy Pasky will not be on this show but will be with us in the future.


Unmasking the 1.2 Billion User Russian Hack Hoax

Richard Stiennon is a noted expert in Internet Security who attended the Black Hat Security Conference this past week.  Richard’s extensive history in digital security has made him a sought after consultant to governments and corporations around the globe.  He feels the bigger story is: Is Russia Poised to Retaliate Against Recent Sanctions with Cyber War?

 Cyber Security Expert Questions 1.2 Billion Stolen Identities Story 

Click Here to Listen to Richard Stiennon Debunk 1.2 Billion Hacked IDs

Click Here to Listen to Stiennon and Johnson Russian Potential Cyber Attack

 Nicole Johnson: Cisco Security Expert

Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson has been a Systems Engineer and has worked across business units within Cisco for over 8 years.  Her experience ranges from Security Consulting to Technical Marketing for Learning and Development. She has served as an Adjunct Professor at Davenport University and Lansing Community College. Nicole is also a leader in the community with technology oriented non-profit and learning organizations. Recently she won the mentee of the year award from MCWT for working

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Gary Baker 2014 IT/Enterprise Predictions

We talked a little SMAC last year, but we are really going to talk SMAC in 2014.  My job is to make predictions about technology in the enterprise, so we are going to be talking enterprise-level SMAC.

SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud.

Social – Most businesses have dabbled in it so far with maybe a Facebook page to compliment its Web site.  Most business people see the advantages of using LinkedIn and are probably getting some targeted news and maybe participating in a discussion or two through their affinity groups.  But, 2014 will be the tipping point where businesses will be expected to have more than a passing presence.

Mobile – There are two sides to the mobile equation.  Of course there are more and more mobile devices in the work place even though business are reducing the number of employees that are provided a smartphone or tablet.  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an official policy at some companies and employees are encouraged to BYOD and the company will allow them to access the wireless network and gain access to their company email and other information.  At other companies without a formal BYOD …

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