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Microsoft Security Center

Microsoft has developed an excellent portal for all aspects of computer security. There are links to areas of concern for consumers, businesses and IT professionals plus lots of free downloads.  MS seems to have stepped up to the plate on security and hit some home runs.

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Tool Kit

The Internet Advisor Toolkit
 Windows Updates Your computer should already be configured to automatically download Windows updates. In case it is not, or if you would like to double check, click on the Windows Update link.  If you want to download a Windows operating system Service pack without using the Windows update site you can go to the Microsoft Service pack site.

Anti-Malware Scanner software (free)

AntiVirus software

RootKits scanner

Bootable Cds / Live Cd

Microsoft Office Alternative Suites

Other Free Utilities list

Microsoft “Fit it” solution Center – Automatically diagnose and repair common software problems in Windows, Internet Explorer or other Microsoft products with Microsoft Fix it solutions

Application Installer – NiNite, a website that allows you to install dozens of commonly installed application, utilities, and pluggins in one pass.  A must use if rebuilding a computer and you find yourself visiting site after site downloading and installing software.

Internet search Tips and Tricks 4/9/2011 – How to improve your Internet search experiance. To fully protect your Windows PC, you will require four additional software components. At The Internet Advisor, we have provided links to a number of FREE (and respectable) resources.

How to Disable Windows 10 Notification

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