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Special Note:

Remember – If your computer appears to be infected the first step I perform is a Windows System Restore.  A system restore will return your computers system files to a state recorded on a specific date and time that select.

The longer the virus, malware, or scare-ware is running the more deeply it can embed itself into your computer, even disabling the ability to install antivirus / antimalware scanners.  When you perform a system restore the malicious files may still be on your computer but the modifications made by the virus that allows it to run when the computer starts up or the changes to critical system files will have be removed and restored.  You need to still need to scan your computer after the system restore with an updated Anti-virus and / or Malware scanner.

To perform a system restore:
Start / (all) Programs / Accessories / System Tools / System Restore. Restore your computer to an earlier date and time (when your computer was not infected).

Most Internet Service Providers (Comcast, ATT, brighthouse) provide a free Anti-Virus security suit.  If your ISP does not provide antivirus protection, select one of the free suits below.

Microsoft Security Essentials
Free antivirus and Malware protection from Microsoft.  We recommend this Microsoft antivirus for Windows 8, 7 and Vista as it provides excellent protection, does not seem to slow down the computer, and integrates well with the Windows OS (of course) instead of loading up the system with additional processes and programs.

AVG Anti-Virus
Click on the link for information on Grisoft’s free and fully functional version of their popular anti-virus software. Free for home use and registration is not required. Download Here

Free for home use and registration may be required.  Avast is another one of the free antiVirus software packages that all of the Internet Advisor team has used at one pint or another.  Download here

Avira Antivirus
Avira has a free antivirus software that can be used for personal use and support Windows XP, 2000, and 98.   Free AntiVir Personal EditionDownload here

Symantec / Norton Security tools – A list of specific programs that will remove an individual trojan or Virus

Microsoft Bootable Windows Defender – Microsoft Windows defender on a bootable USB stick or CD.  Once created you can boot your computer from the USB flash drive or CD and allow Windows Defender to scan and remove Viruses and Malware.

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