Toolkit – Bootable CD tools (LiveCD)


Hiren’s BootCD is a free bootable CD containing various diagnostic programs for fixing various Windows computer problems.  It is a Linux based operating system and provides dozens of utilities that can be best described as performing first aid for your computer. Anti-virus and Malware scanners, disk-check utilities, Password removal, undelete……Download the 500mb zip file, extract or copy the files into a new folder,  and run the BurnCD and let the program create the Hirens bootCD.  Hiren’s Bootable USB tutorial – A Video tutorial on how to create a Hirens CD

Microsoft Bootable Windows Defender – Microsoft Windows defender on a bootable USB stick or CD.  Once created you can boot your computer from the USB flash drive or CD and allow Windows Defender to scan and remove Viruses and Malware.

Puppy Linux is a bootable live CD that allows you to boot your computer from the puppy linux CD, bypassng your Windows Operating system, allowing you to view (and backup) all of your computers files.  Read the entire article – here

Kaspersky Boot CD – This is a wonderful free utility provided by Kaspersky antivirus that allows you to create a bootable CD and scan your computers for viruses and other nasty unwanted programs.

Ultimate BootDisk 4 Windows
The “Ultimate Boot CD 4 Windows” ( ) by Benjamin Burrows is a bootable CD that runs WindowsPE (XP Post Environment).  Built on Bart-PE, The Ultimate BootCD for Windows is stuffed with useful utilities specifically selected to diagnose and test hardware, recover and backup data, scan for viruses, adware and spyware and fix many computers problems.  You create the bootable CD, but you must have the Windows XP-SP2 installation Cd, a CD burner and download the UBCD4win tools and image creation utility.  The site provides both written and videos instructions.

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