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Let's Lift Our Voices…Good Luck Aereo!

Aereo was just put to death by the US Supreme Court ruling, but its leader feels that you should let your congressional representative know how mad you are about this…if you are mad about it!

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A Letter to Our Consumers: Standing Together for Innovation, Progress and Technology – Let’s Raise Our Voices

Photo of Chet KanojiaOn Saturday, many of you received the news that we decided to pause our operations temporarily, as a result of the United States Supreme Court’s reversal of a lower court decision in favor of Aereo.

Your response in support of the Aereo team has been overwhelming and touching. Your tweets, emails and Facebook posts have made it clear how important it is for so many Americans to have access to a cloud-based antenna to watch live broadcast television. Many of you have asked, “What can we do?”

Today, I’m asking you to raise your hands and make your voices heard. Tell your lawmakers how disappointed you are that the nation’s highest court issued a decision that could deny you the right to use the antenna of your choice to access live over-the-air broadcast television. Tell them your stories of why having access to a cloud-based antenna

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Aereo Letter to Customers (Post Supreme Court)


A Letter to Our Consumers: Standing Together for Innovation, Progress and Technology – An Update on Aereo

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” –Charles Kettering, inventor, entrepreneur, innovator & philanthropist

Photo of Chet KanojiaA little over three years ago, our team embarked on a journey to improve the consumer television experience, using technology to create a smart, cloud-based television antenna consumers could use to access live over the air broadcast television.

On Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court reversed a lower court decision in favor of Aereo, dealing a massive setback to consumers.

As a result of that decision, our case has been returned to the lower Court. We have decided to pause our operations temporarily as we consult with the court and map out our next steps. You will be able to access your cloud-based antenna and DVR only until 11:30 a.m. ET today. All of our users will be refunded their last paid month. If you have questions about your account, please email or tweet us @AereoSupport.

The spectrum that the broadcasters use to transmit over the air programming belongs to the American public and we believe you should have a

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How Supreme Court ruling affects Aereo, the Cloud, and You!

The court was loud and clear: Aereo’s streaming TV business is illegal. But the decision raises more questions than it answers.

An array of Aereo antennas Aereo

The chief of streaming-TV startup Aereo has said that his mission to bring unbundled broadcast TV to the Internet has greater stakes than just the fate of his company — and that it’s the crusaders, taking on those with power, who fill graveyards.

Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia may end up correct on both counts. A 6-3 Supreme Court decision Wednesday found that Aereo, whose antenna-plus-cloud-storage technology streams over-the-air TV signals, is illegal if it continues to operate without paying broadcasters any fees. The ruling handed a victory to the networks’ owners, some of the biggest media companies in the world, in their fight to shut it down.

The decision kills Aereo as we know it, but it may affect more than just one service operating in just 13 cities for little more than an analyst-estimated 100,000 subscribers. While the Supreme Court answered one question clearly, it raised many others for Aereo, its customers, its foes and its relative peers, services like Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud that might be collateral damage. For consumers, the …

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Aereo Banned in Western States


SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah judge on Wednesday blocked TV streaming company Aereo Inc. from operating in several Western states, at least until the U.S. Supreme Court takes up a related case in April.

Broadcasters have argued Aereo is stealing TV signals without paying. Aereo says the tiny antennas it uses to capture signals before relaying them over the Internet should be treated the same as antennas that people use to pull TV signals for free.

District Judge Dale Kimball, who ruled Wednesday, argued that Aereo’s retransmission of video signals is “indistinguishable from a cable company.” He said that if Aereo continued to do business, it would damage broadcasters’ ability to negotiate with legitimate licensees, siphon viewers away from their websites and subject them to potential piracy.

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Aereo Says "Bring It On" in Supreme Court Cage Match

CNet, Dec. 12, 2013

It’s David and Goliath death cage match in the nation’s highest court.  Aereo is the upstart company which helps people cut the cord on local TV by delivering all of it over the Internet for $8/month.  The big ISP’s have lost case after case trying to shut down Aereo and the little company that could just agreed to take them on in the nation’s highest court for all the marbles.

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Aereo Formal Statement

Today marks a significant step in our fight to modernize television access and protect consumer rights. This afternoon, Aereo filed a brief in response to the broadcasters’ petition to the U.S. Supreme Court. We’ve decided not to oppose this cert petition.

While the law is clear and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and two different federal courts have ruled in favor of Aereo, broadcasters appear determined to keep litigating the same issues against Aereo in every jurisdiction that we enter. We want this resolved on the merits rather than through a wasteful war of attrition. Consumers have the right to use an antenna to access the over-the-air television. It is a right that should be protected and preserved and

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Controversial online TV service Aereo launches in metro Detroit

Nate Bomey – Detroit Free Press

A controversial service that grabs TV broadcasts without paying for them, then queues them up on the Internet for subscribers launched its metro Detroit service Monday, Oct. 28.

The New York company, called Aereo, is undercutting the traditional network model by using a loophole in U.S. copyright law to create live-streaming online versions of Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC and other networks. You could watch some World Series games or any other major network for about $8 a month.

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Podcast 10-26-13: Aereo Arrives in Michigan & Protecting Your Digital Assets

Aereo Logo

Show Notes:

Get Ready to Cut the Cord: Aereo is Coming!

Aereo is the revolutionary subscription service that will allow you to see all your network programs and more for just pennies per month. Aereo goes online in southeast Michigan Oct. 28.  Learn all about it with Virginia Lam, Vice President, Communications & Government Relations for Aereo.

Protecting your Digital Resources: Digital Estate Planning 

Prof. Dan Hoops, Walsh College explains what happens to your digital real-estate at the end of life. How can people plan for it?

Prof. Hoops Estate Planning with Digital Assets

Digital Asset Form

Special Guest Expert: Tom Diroff

Tom Diroff CroppedBack at the turn of the century, (I just love to say that) Tom Diroff was our expert on hardware and one of the thriftiest people we have ever met.  We are delighted to have him back on to help us.

MiTechNews Report

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector. This MiTechNews report with Mike Brennan is brought to you by Mophie.Com, the maker of th iPhone juice pack, and the Engineering Society

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