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Greg Sullivan, VP Windows Phones Describes WP 8.1

Foster Braun, June 9, 2014

greg-sullivan-windows-phoneIn May 2014,  Greg Sullivan, VP Windows Phone shared about the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade which is becoming available through Microsoft and the mobile carriers beginning in Summer 2014.

Part 1 (7:11) Click Here to Listen to Part 1 of Greg Sullivan Interview

  • Availability of Windows Phone 8.1
  • Developer Preview Download
  • Cortana

Part 2 (3:53) Click Here to Listen to Part 2 of the Greg Sullivan Interview

  • World Flow (Shape Writing)
  • Setting new Guinness World Book of Records Speed Record

Part 3 (9:05) Click Here to Listen to Part 3 of Greg Sullivan Interview

  • Convergence of WP 8.1 and Surface RT
  • Explain departure of People Social Media Hub
  • World Market for Windows Phone 8.1


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Michigan Solar Panel Manufacture is a Family Business

Allan O’Shea is a pioneer in alternative energy resource development in Michigan.  What began as a Wind Power project in the basement of a Detroit Police precinct has evolved into a multi-billion dollar international Wind Energy movement around the globe.  Currently Allan has moved to the Traverse City area where he has established a solar panel manufacturing company staffed by family members.  As a guest on our 2/15/14 show Allan spoke about the resurgence of the solar panel construction business in Michigan despite political and energy industry resistance.

Contractors Building Supply Solar Panel Manufacturing

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Jack Bruienne: The Next Steve Jobs?

Here is an outline of the topics and activities our 9 year old guest Jack Bruienne has involved himself with over the short course of his life so far.

• After having borrowed his Mom’s old Dell laptop to play educational games he “inherited” his first Apple iBook at age 3 from his grandmother who was buying a new MacBook.

• Early computer interests involved exploring maps on Google Maps (he knew names of streets around Ann Arbor and how to get places better than us pretty soon).

• Around age 5 when his iBook finally gave up the ghost he received a brand new MacBook for Christmas which was just in time because he “really needed an Intel-based Mac” to run Windows and newer Mac OS versions.

• At that time it became clear he had a very strong interest in Apple and everything they’ve done. With two heavy Mac users as parents that may seem logical but we consciously didn’t do a lot of pushing in any particular direction, he just followed his interests.

• There was more technology trickle-down as he took ownership of an old iPhone 3G and even older PowerMac and got up to speed …

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