Jack Bruienne: The Next Steve Jobs?

Jack Bruienne

Jack Bruienne

Here is an outline of the topics and activities our 9 year old guest Jack Bruienne has involved himself with over the short course of his life so far.

• After having borrowed his Mom’s old Dell laptop to play educational games he “inherited” his first Apple iBook at age 3 from his grandmother who was buying a new MacBook.

• Early computer interests involved exploring maps on Google Maps (he knew names of streets around Ann Arbor and how to get places better than us pretty soon).

• Around age 5 when his iBook finally gave up the ghost he received a brand new MacBook for Christmas which was just in time because he “really needed an Intel-based Mac” to run Windows and newer Mac OS versions.

• At that time it became clear he had a very strong interest in Apple and everything they’ve done. With two heavy Mac users as parents that may seem logical but we consciously didn’t do a lot of pushing in any particular direction, he just followed his interests.

• There was more technology trickle-down as he took ownership of an old iPhone 3G and even older PowerMac and got up to speed on everything iOS and old Mac OS 9, respectively.

• He has literally seen every Apple keynote that is available on the Internet. That includes the original Macintosh introduction as well as the keynotes from the early 2000’s to today. He has been maintaining his own Keynote slideshows for both OS X and iOS, with features he believes will be available in the years to come. I believe we’re on iOS 9 in his slides, the last time he officially presented his keynote to us.

• He was introduced to his favorite game Minecraft through his dad and has taken off into advanced directions creating and publishing modifications (“mods”) and building complicated contraptions in it. His current project that he likes to talk about is a calculator that can add and subtract numbers 1-9. With classmates he is working on creating a YouTube channel to publish an ongoing Minecraft show, with parental approval and oversight.

Programming books he has and reads include Python, iOS app development and most recently C++.

• Learning how to setup and run the free VirtualBox from Sun got him running and experiencing a slew of older MS OSes including XP betas, NT, and Windows 3.

• We also got him a number of electronics exploration systems like Snapcircuits (when he was younger) and recently he has been playing with the Little Bits and Arduino stuff.

Proud Parents:

Pepijn Bruienne

Pepijn Bruienne

Pepijn Bruienne, is deeply involved in anything that has to do with large scale Mac deployments in Enterprise and Higher Ed environments. I’m an active participant in the Mac Admin community where I contribute to a number of open source projects and give talks at Mac IT professional-oriented conferences. I have strong opinions about the often less than stellar deployment tools the large software companies make available to Enterprise and Edu customers.


Anne Bruienne

Anne Bruienne


Anne Bruienne, has been an Internet user since before there was a public Internet and is an active eBay seller with strong opinions about both seller and buyer behaviors and trends.

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