Keeping New Year's Resolutions: Microsoft


The New Year is here! While many, many people plan to use this landmark time to eat healthy, lose weight, get better organized, save more money – the problem with these goals is that they are difficult to maintain. Most people want to see progress within a few weeks. Unfortunately, keeping resolutions can be complicated.
That’s why this year, technology may be the best way to reach your goals…. The creative minds at Microsoft have come up with a number of great tools – apps – to set attainable goals and keep them for more than just a few weeks.

For Getting Fit:
·         Bing Health & Fitness –  Bing Health & Fitness app is a personal companion for everyday living. This app offers trackers for diet, health and exercise that sync with Microsoft’s HealthVault to bring in data from personal medical records and other tracking tools.
For Saving Money:
·         Mint – Get your finances in order with Mint, now available on Windows and Windows Phone! Mint offers a simple and organized way to set budgets, track accounts, set helpful financial reminders, track when bills are due, and do more with your money.
 For Eating Healthy:
·         Bing Food & Drink – Get instant access to over 21,000 recipes and first hand tips from world-renowned chefs with Bing Food & Drink. Thanks to hands-free cooking mode and gesture controls, you can create your perfect meal without ever touching your screen.

For Helping Others and Volunteering:
·         FundraiseNow for TeamRaiser – Helping others and raising money for a cause has never been easier than with this Windows app. FundraiseNow for TeamRaiser lets members send fundraising emails, take donations, thank new supports, and track fundraising. With social sharing you can help your campaign go viral by sharing updates and communicate important information to keep the team motivated and coordinated.

For Learning Something New:
Stanford University – Commit to learning something new and expanding your education this year with StanfordUniversity on Windows. Tap into the world-class teaching and groundbreaking research of Stanford University faculty, instructors and lecturers with cutting-edge webinars, seminars and videos on a variety of course topics.

 For Getting Organized:
·         OneNote – Take notes that save to the cloud so you have them when you need them and get yourself organized this year. Fast and immersive, OneNote has been reimagined for Windows 8.

For Enjoying Life with Friends and Family:
·         Trip Advisor – Plan your New Year adventure and access millions of review, photos and maps from Trip Advisor now available on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. Find and book the best hotel for you, explore new restaurants, compare airfares and discover cool things to do in your destination.

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