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7 Changes Boomers Have Made on Technology

1. Dumb Phones I was bereft when my ancient Razr phone disappeared as it was so easy to use and is no longer available. In looking for a replacement, I found most phones have tiny black buttons and keyboards designed more for texting and playing online than for making calls. Some manufacturers are listening to these concerns, however, and creating phones specifically for my brethren. According to reviews, the Doro PhoneEasy series offers basic, easy-to-use phones with big numerals, a bright screen and few unneeded extras.

2. Intelligent Phones Intel is working on a phone for those who have memory problems. Using caller ID tech, it’ll display a photo of the person calling, the user’s relationship to the caller, and information about their last conversation. It would be even more helpful if Intel would create a human-implant screen that would jog my memory upon meeting people I “know.”

3. Nana Technology Companies like Accenture and Intel have teamed up with universities and other researchers in the development of gadgets that make life easier. These include smart walkers users can retrieve by remote control; pillboxes that remind you to take your pills; and mailboxes that let you know when …

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Printing from Web-based Email

Shane Hamelin posted this in response to a caller’s question last week about printing from email.

Printing from “Web-Based” email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo and even Comcast can sometimes lead to problems if you don’t resist the need to use the print function on your browser. Using your browsers print button can get frustrating because it doesn’t print correctly due to emails that just don’t print well due to their design and layout.

Without getting too “technical” on the “why’s & how’s”, I thought we would just show you with a few illustrations to get you printing correctly with Web-Based email.

In Gmail, use this to print your email:

In Yahoo, use this to print your email:

In none of the above cases, should you use this button (shown in Internet Explorer):


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Podcast: July 30, 2011

Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun and Erik Anderson

Show Notes:

The second hour of the show is all yours.  Call 800-859-0957 to get some answers to  your computer problems…Fast!

Podcast: July 30, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: July 30, 2011 – Hour 2

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Oakland County Recognized Nationally for Digital Prowess

Oakland County was named number four in the nation for its use of technology in helping its citizens meet their needs.  Nice to see that Technology Alley is not just a slogan but the real thing in Oakland County.  Congratulations L. Brooks Patterson and company!  The survey was conducted by The Center for Digital Government.

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Google Flags Malware On Searches

Not all Google news is bad news.  As mentioned on our program this past weekend, Google as found a way of alerting pe0ple who use their search engine (that’s most of us) when their is malware trying to download on our computers. Here is what the warning looks like:

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Google+ Deletions: Death Wish?

All hell broke loose the weekend of July 23 when Google abruptly started throwing people overboard on Google+. No one is safe; celebrities like Arriana Huffington, ex-Google employees and people who preferred using a pseudonym rather than their real name to protect their privacy found themselves out in the cold.  The problem is once more, not the rules Google is imposing but HOW they are implementing them!  Just when Google looked poised to make a serious dent in Facebook’s social connection supremacy, they shoot themselves in the foot and create a serious breach of trust.  Hey Google, size does not excuse bad manners and trust is the foundation of a social network.  Get it?

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Podcast: July 23, 2011

Cal Carson, Foster Braun, Shane Hamelin, Erik Anderson

Show Notes:

Erik Anderson’s MacMinute details the major Apple launches this week.

The second hour of the show is all yours.  Call us with your computer questions at 800-859-0957 and let our tech experts help you find a solution.

Podcast: July 23, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: July 23, 2011 – Hour 2
Angieslist Review
Spotify Review
Lion OS X Review 

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Podcast: July 16, 2011

Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun and Erik Anderson

Show Notes:

Noted Internet Columnist Mike Elgan returns to describe his Strict Google+ Diet.  Mike has abandoned all other forms of social networking…even Skype…in favor of strictly using the tools involved in Google+ He even gave some of our guys special invites to Google+ so that we have had a chance to play with it.  Will this be the new “Facebook Killer” in the same way that Facebook dispatched My Space?  Learn about all the bells and whistles that Google+ offers for free and decide for yourself.

Cal Carson will share some of the highlights of the upcoming Mac Group Meeting.  Ed Rudel will reveal his plans for a “Survival Thumb Drive” with the essential applications for defeating your computer’s foes.

Remember the second hour of our program is all yours.  Call us with your computer problems at 1-800-859-0957!

Podcast: July 16, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: July 16, 2011 – Hour 2

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Google Grrrl Power!

Three outstanding young women were named top prize winners in Google’s inaugural Science Fair.   The search giant combed through 7,500 entries from 91 countries before naming Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose and Naomi Shah for their outstanding projects.  These bright young ladies make up for a lot of sad headlines and make you really believe in a better tomorrow.

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Google + Hits 10,000,000 Users as of July 12, 2011

Google Buzz was a bust but Google + looks like a must.  One analyst predicted that by the end of day, July 12, 2011 Google+ would have 10 million users.  Could Facebook have finally found its match?  Think of all the things that Google can integrate with Google+: immensely popular Gmail and Google Apps, which make the world go round for many businesses.  Let’s see if Google can make it work this time!

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